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Sunday, October 29, 2000 -- Moon, PA
Month of Mud MTB/Cyclocross #3
Story and photos by Dave McKain

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MoM #3
Cyclocross goes to the Moon... Township, PA
Racers rolled into Moon, Pennsylvania for the 3rd race in the Month of Mud MTB/Cyclocross series. Crisp morning temperatures rose quickly as the sun shone down from a cloudless sky, burning the remaining dew from the grass.

The race course wound its way around the Moon Township park over grassy fields, wooded paths, and park roads. While the course designer had tried his best to keep the wooded trails clear, he could not keep up with Mother Nature as she dumped leaves on the trails as quickly as he could clear them off making for some tricky riding - not knowing what roots and rocks were lying in wait under the cover.

The Expert/Masters/Vets/Single Speed race kicked off at 10 am with Gunnar Shogren (Fort Frames), E.J. Sigety (Speedgoat), and Mike Walewski (Fisher/Saab) quickly breaking from the pack. Over the first several laps of the six lap contest, the racers started to string out with the slower riders trying to keep from being caught by the leaders. By the second lap, Walewski was starting to drop back, leaving Shogren and Sigety to battle for the lead. Shogren, who had experienced mechanical problems the day before in a Morgantown CX race, kept up the pressure and, by the third lap, had built a 20 second lead on Sigety. Meanwhile, Erin Ford (Trek/VW) was slowly gaining ground on third place Walewski.

MoM #3
Dismount and run
By the start of the sixth lap, Gunnar had a comfortable lead while Sigety held a solid second but the race was on for third as Ford caught and passed Walewski. In the end, Shogren crossed the finish line with almost a 1 1/2 minute lead followed by E.J. Sigety. Walewski could not muster up the speed to regain third place from Ford, finishing with a solid 4th place. In what has turned out to be a popular class, T.J. Platt (Fisher/Saab) came through with a 6th overall finish to win the single speed class by 2 1/2 minutes over John Munhall (Fort Frames). Rudy Sroka (Team Burn) held off Chris Huffman (Rocket Apparel) to take first in the vet class (7th overall) while Jeff Guy (Speedgoat) took the masters class.

In the second race, Pittsburgh Cycling Club riders Charlie Chulak and Scott Osterrieder pulled away from the pack early and never looked back. By the time he crossed the finish line, Chulak held a minute lead over Osterrieder who, in turn, finished 2 minutes ahead of the next rider. In the womens class, Jennifer Shogren (Fort Frames) took an early 30 second lead over the chasing Kelly Yoder (Speedgoat). Yoder threatened Shogren, cutting the lead to less than 15 seconds at one time, but was not able to close the gap on eventual winner Shogren. In the Junior class, Danny Wilson (Dirty Harrys) took first over Steve Olson while Daryle Vettori took 1st in the Beginner Class.

The Month of Mud series continues next Sunday at Seven Springs.