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Sunday, November 19, 2000 -- Richmond, VA
Virginia Cyclo-Cross Series #2
Story and photos by Dana Harshberger

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VA Cyclocross #2
Jeremiah Bishop off the front
It was an overcast and chilly day, for the second race in the Virginia Cyclocross series. But that didn't deter the 60 some riders from coming out to the historic and panoramic Chimborazo Park in downtown Richmond to take part in the series action.

As with the other races in this series, there were 3 classes for riders to chose. The A class, consisting of Cat 1-2-3 and Experts. The 'B's for cat 4-5, Women, and Master's 50+ and 40+, And C class for Novices and Juniors.

The course began with a short prologue, circling around the upper perimeter of the park, and then descended a grassy hill, curving around some fields and then on to the pre-civil war cobblestone walkways. Spaced throughout the course were barriers, that showed off dismount and remount form. The spectators had an awesome vantage-point of most of the course from the Powhatan Stone, at the crest of the park.

VA Cyclocross #2
The pack takes off in Chimborazo Park
In the A race, the pack to follow consisted of Bill McCarrick, Ryan McKinney and Jeremiah Bishop. These three set a fast pace for the chasers, and pretty much hung together for the first 2 and a half laps. It was then that K2/NuSunn rider Jeremiah Bishop made his move on a cobblestone uphill and passed McKinney, and soon after, passed McCarrick. He managed to keep and increase his lead through the rest of the hour-long race.

Apparently Bishop felt pretty strong as he chose to bronco over some of the barriers, rather than pick up his bike and run. Bishop finished on a flat front tire that he luckily got near the finish. McCarrick (Courier One/Main St Beer) and then McKinney (William and Mary) followed him in.

The B race was off the gun at 11am, and was 45 minutes of excitement. W&M rider Jessie Peil, who managed to stay up with most of the men for her race, crossed that line first in the women's action. Jim Carlson of the Potomac Velo Club was pedaling strong and crossed the line first for the 50+ field. And for the 40+ it was Fred Whitmore (CRC/Extreme), and for the B class, George Shultz, riding for Indy Fab.

VA Cyclocross #2
Bill Helwig running smooth
The C race began at approximately 10 am, and the riders put their best wheel forward for 30 minutes. Winning the Junior category was James Wakeman. For the 'C' class it was Mark Beattie.

The incentive for no DNF's was handed out at the beginning of each race. The last place finisher in each race received a pint of premium micro-brew! How's that to keep you going to the line!

Many thanks should go to Chip Atkins and Gary and Mary Morgan for their skillful running of the show, and also to Rowlett's, DeFeet, Cane Creek, and Palani's for their sponsorship.

Be sure to come out for the next race in the series, which is December 10 at Lake Fairfax, and will be The Virginia State Cyclocross Championships