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Sunday, November 19, 2000 -- Fairfield, OH
Bio-Wheels Ohio Valley Cyclocross #1
Story and photos contributed by Mitch Graham

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Ohio Valley Cyclocross #1
The B race takes off
On a brisk and windy Sunday morning, 45 riders contested 6 categories on a fast, challenging course at Harbin Park, just north of Cincinnati. Shiny new hurdles, provided by the Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance, greeted riders as they went through their warm up routines.

The A race was a familiar one for those that have been around the Cincinnati area races for the past few years. Xenia off-road pro Phil Noble and Columbus road pro (one time national champ) Kirk Albers broke away from the field over the course of the first lap and battled each other over 9 laps. Noble, despite a pit stop for a flat, was able to hold off Albers for a nine-second win. Mitch Graham (Bio Wheels-Jamis) was left alone after the first lap and was able to hold onto third despite a late-race charge from teammate (and Mt. Snow National expert vet. champ) Charlie Miller (Bio Wheels). Ezra Taylor (Vile) led all single-speed contestants with a fifth place overall. Greg Bamford took the vet. category with a 10th place overall finish.

Ohio Valley Cyclocross #1
No dismount needed
The B race gave all involved a taste of what the A race is like, with a 54-minute effort taking the win. Steven Rider (BG 1) edged out Greg Maness for first in the overall, while Jim Schoelefield's (QCW) fifth place finish earned him first in the vet. category.

15 year old Eric Wilcox took a 2- minute win over the C category in an impressive effort. Mark Cauble (Bio Wheels) was able to hold off John Warrington (Oakley) to take the vet. class win.

Michele Miller (Louisville Bicicleta) took home the money in the women's category, taking a three-minute win. Five women competed in this hard fought race.

Thanks so much for everyone who came out on a cold Sunday morning. Let's at least see 10 women next Sunday so we can pay deeper in the category! Also, let's get a couple more pro men up here to give Kirk and Phil a run for their money! See ya next week.