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Sunday, November 19, 2000 -- Portersville, PA
Month of Mud MTB/Cyclocross #6
Story and photos by Dave McKain

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MoM #6
Ridin' the roots at Moraine State Park

On a cold and blustery morning, Mountain bike racers bundled up and headed out to Moraine State Park for the final race of the 2000 MBRAWP Month of Mud Mountain Bike and Cyclocross Series. Thankfully, the snow that was starting to blow in prior to the race held off and conditions on the course were relatively dry. Even with those dry conditions, the course had an increased level of difficulty due to the layer of leaves which served both to hide "babyhead" rocks and to make the turns slippery. All of the competitors would have to complete two laps of the course.

Joe Papp (PCC) sprinted to an early lead in the expert race but was soon chased down and passed by series leader Mike Walewski (Fisher/SAAB). Walewski then proceeded to put a gap on the rest of the field and, by the end of the first lap, was two minutes in front of Jarek Babik and Justin Pokriyka (Sobe/Headshock) while Papp had slipped to fourth place. Following closely behind Papp were veteran Brian Mershimer (Grove City Bikes) and Single Speed rider T.J. Platt (Fisher/Dirty Harrys). Platt (winner of the single speed class in the first four races) was being chased by John Munhall (Fort Frames), winner of the class in the previous race.

Them leaves are slippery
Walewski continued to build his lead throughout the second lap and crossed the line to take the race and win the series with a time of 1:01:30 followed by Pokriyka (1:04:16) and Babik (1:05:02). In the single speed class, Munhall (1:06:24) was able to catch and pass Platt (1:07:50) to take the win. With a third place finish, Matt Tinkey (1:11:28), Rocket Apparel) won the series over Platt in a tie-breaker.

Charlie Chulak (PCC, 1:06:33) cruised to victory in the sport class over a dueling Doug Riegner (TRM Cycles) and Carmen DeSanzio (Grove City Bikes). DeSanzo, who had beaten Riegner only once before in this years series, was looking for his second while Reigner needed only to finish within at least one place of Chulak to win the series. In what must have been a heck of a sprint, Riegner (1:12:02) beat DeSanzio (1:12:03) by 1 second to take second place and secure a first place finish in the series.

Having a good time after the race
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In the Junior Class, Danny Wilson (Dirty Harrys, 1:19:14) was able to hold off Steve Olson (Bakers Bike Shop, 1:21:50) for the win, albeit in less dramatic fashion than the loss-of-lunch finish of the previous week. In the women's class, Beth Baker (Grove City Bikes, 1:25:00) took first place over Kristie Miller (Slippery Rock, 1:41:17) to win the series. In the Master's Class, Dale Evans (Grove City Bikes, 1:28:01) took the win followed by Gary Dugovich (Allegheny Cycling, 1:33:28). In a veteran class battle with Steve Hutter (PCC, 1:07:44), Brian Mershimer (Grove City Bikes, 1:06:00) took both the win and the series title.