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Sunday, December 17, 2000 -- Sissonville, WV
WV Cyclocross Series Race #4
Photos by Diann Clothier

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Race Start
So, you folks really want to do this?
Note on T-Shirts: The as promised T-shirts will be distributed at the Series Championship on January 7, 2001. Race director Steve Thaxton regrets that the shirts were not available for this event. The quality was unacceptable and so they're being reprinted.

Too bad our iPlayOutside reporter couldn't make it down to Sissonville for the race... seems that the old reliable VW wasn't up to the task. But, as good fortune would have it, our unofficial WV cycling correspondent Diann Clothier was on the scene. And, we thank her for generously sharing with us her photos as well as a few race notes:

It was really, really cold - gears were freezing, brakes were freezing which was ok, because the mud was freezing on the tires, making brakes unnecessary...

The guy who came in 2nd in the expert class almost didn't get to race - his bike-rack lock was frozen! He finally got the bike off the roof [of his car] a few minutes before start time.

My son, Espe, said of the race - "We all started out with 20-some gears and finished with single speeds."

Some more comments from first time racer Dan of Cross Lanes, WV:

"Great event. Hope the weather is equally as good for the next one!"

A follow up submitted by Joey Riddle:

Diann [Clothier] was mistaken about who finshed second at Sissonville in the expert mens class. The guy with the bike frozen to his roof didn't finsh second. Mike Loranty finished second, his bike was on my roof, it was frozen but not to the roof. After driving from Buckhannon to Sissonville we had some very frigid bikes. Headsets frozen solid, cables frozen in the housings, are pedals looked like giant ice cubes. we had to snag two cans of de-icer from the local convience store to get our bikes working well enough to race. After the first lap it didn't matter anyway. The mud collected on everybody's pedals and froze making them pretty much useless. Wheels clogged with mud and then froze. Everytime i grabbed my rear brake hard it would freeze to my rim and would'nt release. What a good time. Steve [Thaxton] knows how to put on a race. Good food, friendly folks and hot showers.