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Sunday, December 10, 2000 -- Reston, VA
Virginia Cyclo-Cross Series #3
Results and Recap provided by Chip Sovek

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VA Cyclocross Series
A scene from race #1
The Virginia CycloCross Series and it's promoters would like to thank everyone who came out to Lake Fairfax in Reston, VA for some of the most exciting cross racing to date. if the racing wasn't exciting enough, the weather certainly sparked things up. The sky was overcast all morning, and with a chill in the air, the frozen ground softened up just enough to give it that tacky yet treacherous top coat of mud. About mid-way through the morning when the master/women race started, that topcoat of mud was now loose enough to bring on the downed riders, and by the time the cat 1,2 & 3 race started the mud was now turning back to frozen ground which made the run-ups especially difficult to climb. then throw in some snow-flurries/sleet/freezing rain and you have the perfect combination for Cross!!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the race and look forward to the 4th and final race of the "Virginia Cyclocross Series", located at Chimborazo Park in Richmond, VA on the 7th January. apologizes for the lack of photos from the 3rd race. Due to an unforseen mechanical difficulty with our camera on the scene, we were unable to take a single shot. Look for us at the next one in Richmond, though.