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Sunday, January 21, 2001 -- Pittsburgh, PA
Bushwackers Nightmare Trail Run
Story and photos by Dave McKain and Bruce McGlothin

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Watch you step?
Fun in the snow
The Bushwackers' Nightmare Trail Run brought a 6 inch snowfall and very cold temperatures. Although the weather may have hampered the attendance, a number of hardy trail runners braved a tough relentless weather and treacherous course. Footing was somewhat hazardous and fall were numerous (at least the snow made for soft landings), but everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

The course, an out and back, allowed everyone to see how they were doing as they passed on the trail. The traffic only made the trails more slippery and the going harder but Geo Toomey (1:03:00 10K) and Curt Brown (30:30 5K)came in after one circuit neck and neck. Lucky for Curt, the race was over for him with a first place finish while Geo had to head out for more punishment before taking the win in the 10K.

Watch out for that tree boom boom boom
Jim Hurts (Hurst)!
Close behind but in the same situation were John Antonelli (1:09:00 10K) and Mark Tresler (32:35 5K). While John headed out for his second circuit, Mark hung out at the finish to watch his older brother Mike Tressler (34:24 5K) finish in third place in the 5K. Rounding out the top three in the 10K was Joshua Lowe (1:15:00) who finish in third place.

Only one bloody incident to report. Jim Hurst ran into a tree branch, but I'm not sure who was hurt more -- Jim or the tree!!

The course gets tougher by the year! The weather adds a little difficulty and mother nature leaves us guessing. T-shirt sales were brisk, suggesting people were proud of their accomplishments and proud to show off their accomplishment.

Hopefully, the weather will be worse next year and the course will get even uglier! See you next January!

Race Conditions: Deep Snow, Cold
Race Director: Bruce McGlothlin

  • Terry Carskaddan
  • Art Wiland
  • Connie Hoon
  • Richard Hickey