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Sunday, February 11, 2001 -- Harrisonburg, VA
Southern Exposure
Story and photos by Dana Harshberger

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Massanutten Air Time
It was another sunny winter day at Massanutten Resort's Terrain Park, where the first and hopefully annual Southern Exposure event was held this past Sunday. The event, with the goal of 'cultivating positive change on snow', had about 42 contenders for the Best Trick, Best Handrail combo, and Highest Air.

Aaron Hawkins, owner of Energy and Rhythm Snowboard and Skateboard Shop, was the instigator this unique event. Unlike most events, which have nasty ole sanction fees and a bunch of high price entry fees, this event was put on with fun and affordability in mind. In another twist, the judging was done by skateboarders, who not only had totally unbiased opinions of the contestants, were also very capable of judging on style.

Some late night re-vamping of the course, along with some grooming (yahoo, Terrain Park staff!!!!!) allowed for morning practice runs. Then at around 1pm, the riders started concentrating on showing their stuff to the judges, and the great group of cheering spectators! Riders were allowed as many runs as they could do in an hour, unlike the usual 2 runs in 'other' contests.

Race Pic
Ridin' the rails
In the Best Trick category, Brad Harper pulled it out with a Backside Lipslide, to win over Shawn Batzer and Derek Hammand. For the Best Handrail Combo, Pat Lee had it with a Switchback Slider on the flat rail, to a 270 to Backslide Lipride on the rainbow. Kevin Murphy and Dana Mazer followed closely behind.

The second session consisted of the crowd pleasing Highest Air. Shawn Batzer captured the win with a Method. Matt Manoni got second with a 540 corkscrew, and for third it was Pat Lee, with a Japan Air.

The top spot in each category got cash and prizes, while the ones who rounded out the top three, got prizes, which they got to pick! How cool is it, that if you need gloves, you can pick them, and not just get handed something you might not need?

Anyone got any asprin?
That's gonna hurt later
Also to be noted were some of the pro riders on hand that took time out of their busy schedules to hang at the event. Collin Lentz, Dave Lee, Jon Kramer, Pete Wasch, and John Camp should be commended for their efforts to go the distance.

Aaron Hawkins did and incredible job getting this event planned and pulled of successfully. Details like free vegetarian lunch and Sobe beverages, t-shirts and product tosses, make this a fun-for-all kind of event. Thanks should go to his generous sponsors like Split Clothing, GMC Gloves, Ride Snowboards, M3 Snowboards, Libtech Snowboards, Supernatural, Sobe, and Free L.P. Snowboards, who make such an event possible.

Many thanks should also go to Day Franzen and his fine crew at the Terrain Park, who did an incredible amount of work getting the park in tip-top shape for this event, as well as Massanutten Resort for allowing such an incredible event to take place on their slopes.

Handrail combo
1stPat Lee
2ndKevin Murphy
3rdDana Mazer
Best Trick
1stBrad Harper
2ndShawn Batzer
3rdDerek Hammond
Highest Air
1stShawn Batzer
2ndMatt Manoney
3rdPat Lee