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Sunday, February 25, 2001 -- Harrisonburg, VA
MIROC BoarderX
Massanutten's Intergalactic Race of Champions [Coverage] [Pic Set 1] [Pic Set 2]

When: Sunday, February 25, 2001

Where: Massanutten Resort Terrain Park in Harrisonburg, VA

Entry Fee: Just $3.00

Register Online at:

Who can qualify: Any man, women, vegetable, or mineral who can strap on a snowboard can qualify. The divisions are as follows:Mens Beginner, Mens Expert, Rockstar, Women's open.

The Race Format: Will consist of different stuff for each race date. All races and registrations will be held in the snowboard park at Massanutten Resort. The blessed individual who hath Accumulated the most points Upon the closing of the finals Shall receive the grand prize.

Park Etiquette Think Before You Leap!

Is this for you? Our park is recommended for advanced riders. Know your limits. You are taking on the risk of any and all injuries or equipment damage that happens to you. Make sure you can land safely, and avoid features that are too big for you. Your Responsibility Code is in effect. Read it and follow it.

There are rules: You can get your pass yanked if you don't follow them. Be polite. Act as if your mother is watching, and refrain from using foul language.No aerial somersaults. Don't put your heels over your head. Leashes are required. Use leashes while carrying your board to prevent runaway equipment. Look Before You Leap! Check out all of the features before you use them, and continue to do so throughout the day - features can change over the course of a few hours. Look at the ramps, transitions, and landings to see how difficult each feature is and to determine how you want to ride it. There are many features of all sizes and shapes. Get out of the way. Don't stand on the features or in the landing areas. Go with the flow. Be patient and wait your turn. Only ride what you can see. Have a spotter tell you when the landing is clear!

EVENTS: Boardercross
WHEN: Sun, 25 Feb
WHERE: Harrisonburg, VA
CONTACT: Massanutten Resort (800) 207-MASS E-mail