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Saturday, February 17, 2001 -- Elizabethtown, PA
Frozen Foot Series 5K - Race 2
Story and photos by Elizabeth Herr

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Better wear the warm socks today
Freezing Feet in Elizabethtown
The title of the race held on Saturday, February 18th, in and around Elizabethtown College, was more than adequate. As the 12th annual Frozen Foot 5K got underway, the sun provided little warmth from the scattered flurries that dotted the skies. Nonetheless, the 235 runners quickly found their way through the course that included parts of the College campus and the surrounding developments. The race, initiated by the previous Food Service director of the college, Dave Salmon, provides an arena for the truly dedicated local runners to compete during the cold winter months. The current race director, Elizabethtown College alumnus Chuck Wells, described the course as suitable for runners of all levels. The rolling hills and scenic views provide plenty of eye candy for participants and spectators alike.

Though some changes have occurred over the years, it has primarily stayed the same over the last five. A majority of the mileage was on College Ave. and Sheaffer Rd. Thankfully, there were traffic controllers at each intersection, holding back the cars, for the continual herd of people that lined the course. Though a few pulled out in front, at the finish line there was a pretty constant stream of runners coming through the gates for approximately an hour after the race began.

Supported by the Wellness Center of E-town College, there will be another event held in March. Hopefully, by that time the weather will be as tame as a lamb, because February's temperatures have had definite lioness tendencies.