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Sunday, March 4, 2001 -- Harrisonburg, VA
MIROC Series BoarderX - Glass & Powder Big Air (iPO Event Id#: 2393)
Story and photos by Dana Harshberger

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Race Pic
Pardon me, excuse me, outta the way...
It was another beautiful day at Massanutten Resort's Terrain Park, okay, not really, it was drizzly and gray, but that didn't deter all of the intergalactic champions from coming out for the final in the MIROC series this past Sunday. Parents and spectators got extra points as well for their willingness to stand in the rain and cheer on the racers. The big snow storm that was being predicted for days, sadly didn't hit Virginia's Four Season Mountain resort, but instead brought less than favorable conditions.

The course, was once again re-vamped for the event, and was possibly the most difficult of the series. It certainly didn't help that the wet stuff dropping from the sky and the warm temperatures made things a bit sloppy. Coming out of the gate was a nice drop and 2 little bumps. This then dipped into a gully of sorts, and leveled out, where if a person wasn't thinking their way through, problems could develop. And indeed they did! The race was either won or lost here, because laws of physics being what they are, you can only fit so many hamburgers into one bun! Arms akimbo, legs a flying, bodies and boards landed in crumpled piles. Only to look around and then scramble to get to the next drop to resume a path down the mountain.

Race Pic
Uhhh, meant to do that...
First down for the Women was Erin Bloom, who also tied the series with Carly Nunn. For the Intermediate Men it was Jesse Spaulding, with Andrew Shrock taking the series. The Expert Division saw Mike Crenshaw bring it home both for the day and the series. And once again we saw the illustrious Mr. Ethan Graham take home the cash for the day, as well as for the series in the RockStar category.

Immediately following the border cross event, was the crowd pleasing Big Air. Contestants were given a half-hour to wow the judges with their skills at attempting to fly. Taking the top honors for the Women was the lovely Whitney McVey and for the Men it was Doug Johnson.

Many thanks to Day Franzen and his top-notch staff at the Terrain Park for doing all that they do to put on this event. Thanks also to the many sponsors who shell out for the fabulous prizes. And this reporter would also like to give Peggy in the Ski Office a mention for graciously loaning me her umbrella, without which, I would've been truly miserable standing in the rain!

Race Pic
Hanging on for the ride
So until next year folks, practice, practice, practice! You too, can be a rockstar!

MIROC Mar 4th 2001 Results

Erin Bloom
Erin Stickley
Whitney McVey

Intermediate Men:
Jesse Spaulding
Matt Paluito
Andrew Shrock

Mike Crenshaw
Jared Allport
James Johnson

Ethan Graham

Men: Doug Johnson
Women: Whitney McVey


Women: (tie) Carly Nunn/Erin Bloom
Inter Men: Andrew Shrock
Expert: Mike Crenshaw
Rockstar: Ethan Graham