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Friday, March 16, 2001 - Sunday, March 18, 2001 -- Davis, WV
11th Annual Snowy Luau (iPO Event Id#: 2430)
Story and photos by Mike Monroe

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Snowy Luau
Could someone please point me toward the beach?
In Canaan Valley this past weekend, cold snowy weather did not stop many from sporting their Hawaiian attire for the Snowy Luau at Timberline Resort. The drum party, typical of any true Hawaiian Luau, kicked the Party off Friday, and it continued on into Sunday.

Saturday was the big day, get $5.00 off your lift ticket just for having something "Luauish" on. Many came with straw hats, Hawaiian shirts, grass shirts and even dressed like leprechauns, for St. Patrick's Day of Course.

The day was kicked off on Lower Dew drop with the USASA Slopestyle event, but not many were participating since most of the USASA members were in Mammoth California for Nationals. Even though there were just a few riders, that didn't stop them from putting on a show to please all. They were grabbing the big air, landing the big tricks and impressing all the onlookers that chose to take a time out from their skiing/boarding to watch the event and see how it is done. Steve Shepherd walked away with the gold in the Jaws Division, Tucker Garten strolled away with gold in the Senior Division and Frederick Carter got the gold in the Masters Division.

Synch Boarding
Do you do the
"Forbidden Snowboard Dance"?
The excitement kept on rolling with the Synchronized Skiing and Boarding. The event got everyone laughing with all the participants antics. Mission Possible came down the mountain with four team members, but only on two sets of skis. Then, two snowboarders came down the mountain doing the "Forbidden Snowboard Dance". To top it all off one group even stripped down to their bathing suits on the way down the mountain. But with a name like Maui Wowie, what do you expect? All this even though the temperature was holding steady in the mid thirties, with gusts of wind... burr.

Taking home the the gold was Mission Possible (team Maui Wowie with clothes on), but right on their heels were their alter egos, team Maui Wowie. The team was made up of four skiers, Kurt Snyder, Kelly Gilmore, Chris Ujuaji, and Melisa Ray. The "Forbidden Snowboard Dance" team, Brian and Ingrid, got third with their smooth dance moves. The day was just beginning and everyone was now certainly getting all wound up.

Slider Race
The surf's up at Timberline!
The day wouldn't be complete without including some competitive fun for everyone, even the little ones. The obstacle course was a demanding one, with the hula-hoops, dinosaurs and even noodles! The kids had their game faces on and were ready to cross the finish line first in their heat, but they were seen laughing along the way and even helping out their competition. The kids had a lot fun and they all got prizes as they crossed the line.

By this time many folks had worked up an appetite and wanted to grab a bite to eat. That was perfect since their was a pig roast. Everyone was seen chowing down on some roasted pork as conversation seemed to stop. They must not have had time to talk since the food was so good!

After everyone had lunch it was time for the 2nd Slopestyle event of the day. This time a good crowd of snowboarders and skiers were all ready to go and show their best stuff. And you thought they were throwing the big tricks earlier in the morning, but no. This was "No Holds Barred!" The boarders and skiers were hitting everything imaginable and landing it like it was their job. They were stoked showing their friends and fans what they have been doing with themselves all winter and how much it had paid off.

Big Air
Catching the big wave in the Slopestyle
After the slopestyle awards and door prizes were picked up by the "Pink Flamingo" it was time for the Sleds, Shovels, and Sliders Hawaiian Derby. This race was held in what remained of the Half Pipe. Many different types of sleds and sliders were seen getting warmed up for the big race. Voted most creative was the sled Myrtle Beach Eruption, it was comprised of 5 members Doug Morrison, Tony Hinson, Jason Frangella, Darren Millu, and Jeremy Beard. The fastest time was the famous "Wrecking Ball" who opted to race down through the half pipe on a tower pad! He flew down like there was a fire. Right on his heels, though, were two other sliders, Evan Walker (2nd) and Jacob Lutz (3rd).

Saturday night's festivities were started off by the Lava Parade at 9:30. The parade is composed of around 80 skiers that come down the mountain really slow with a torch in each hand and is started by an eruption of fireworks on the top of the mountain. It is something else to see and is worth the wait to stay because after the parade the party moves back into Timber's Pub.

Sunday everything was wrapped up and everyone said their last good-byes to all their new "Luau Friends" and started to make plans to all come back next year. So, we'll be looking for you next year at the "Snowy Luau" where everyone gets to participate (or you can always just take in all the craziness from the sidelines.)