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Saturday, March 3, 2001 -- Charles Town, WV
SVR Claymont Retro Ramble (iPO Event Id#: 2614)
Story by Neal Riemenschneider with photos by Beth Herr

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Another fine event brought to you by the Shenandoah Valley Runners

Race Start
Lookout! Here come the Shenandoah Valley Runners

It was the 1970's all over again out at the Claymont School this past Saturday. This event was the last race in the Shenandoah Valley Runners Annual Winter Series. The theme was the 1970's and participants were encouraged to wear 70's style clothing. Some of the more ill fated outfits noticed were leisure suits, Afros (fake of course), tie-dye shirts, and bell-buttoned pants. Additionally, Karsten Brown had on an official Washington Capitals jersey from their early playing days because, "Hey, the Caps came into existence the year I was born," explained the always-fascinating Brown. Uhm, Mr. Brown, what does CCM stand for again?

The race itself actually became a mere excuse to listen to Race Director Rick Kerby's music. LP's to boot! It was Disco (Discos here and Discos there), Kansas, Jethro Tull and Queen! Of course, us older runners just had to sing along much to the chagrin of the younger crowd. Additionally, Kerby had a 1970's trivia contest after the race. John Palks was the winner as he correctly answered the following question: Who won the Best Actor Academy Award in 1972 and later starred in Apocalypse Now? (For the correct answer, see below.) Palks award was a lava lamp. Young Dillon Robb, wearing a flowered outfit won the award for best costume.

Running attire that you just don't see every day...
As for the actual race, neither winner was pressed and both ran to big victories. 18 year old Jared Prunty led from the gun winning in 16:29. "I felt strong the whole way and worked hard on the hills," stated the Sherando High School running star. Women's winner Laura Nelson came up from Harrisonburg, VA for the race. "I just ran my own race the whole way," said Nelson who finished in 20:00.

There were 62 finishers in this event that had a mix of paved and unpaved roads with lots of hills thrown in for good measure. Kerby is to be commended for another fine event as the whole event was well organized and all 62 finishers went home humming to the music, like it or not.

Race director: Richard & Julie Kerby
Volunteers: Jerry Anderson, Betty Luttrell, Dillon Robb, Ann Robb, Jon Whitehead's sister
Special thanks to: Claymont Children's School (race site); Kim Yeck, Chuck Raper, Peter Blank, & Karsten Brown (donated prizes); Wendy's Restaurants (coupons for free combo meals)

Trivia Question Answer: Marlon Brando