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Saturday, March 24, 2001 - Sunday, March 25, 2001 -- Virginia Beach, VA
SEAL Adventure Challenge


[2000 SEAL Coverage]

2000 SEAL Challenge
Teamwork is the key here
What: Created as a recruitment tool for the Navy, the Seal Adventure Challenge provides an opportunity for motivated participants to take part in a 24-hour civilian version of Navy SEAL Hell-Week training, known as the toughest and most grueling in the military.

The Challenge Includes: Competitors participate in pool drills, soft-sand runs, log PTs, Physical Readiness Tests (PRT), boat exercises and other elements of SEAL training. The overnight mission includes training in strategy, stealth and field communications. The events are led by of a group of highly trained Navy SEAL instructors and other Special Forces personnel. Teamwork will be emphasized!

Where: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Background on the Challenge: Don Mann was contacted by the Navy Recruiting Command to develop a program that may help with recruiting people into the Navy and into the SEAL teams. He came up with the SEAL Adventure Challenge. Come experience, first hand, what trainees go through during the infamous HELL WEEK to become a member of the elite "Navy SEALs." A day that will challenge you "physically and mentally."

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TITLE: SEAL Adventure Challenge
EVENTS: Adventure Race
WHEN: Sat, 24 Mar - Sun, 25 Mar
WHERE: Virginia Beach, VA
CONTACT: Steve Kirby (757) 425-2445 E-mail