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Sunday, March 25, 2001 -- Charlottesville, VA
Jefferson Cup Road Race (iPO Event Id#: 2930)
Photos by Dana Harshberger with a recap courtesy of Ruth Stornetta

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The motorcycle comes in second
Story compiled from interviews with Chris Hardee and R Muoio.

The race went slowly the first lap and then pretty fast thereafter. The only notable break before the winning one was that of Rick Norton (Ashby St), who stayed away about two laps with one other guy. Then it was reasonably fast but not blistering until two laps to go, with numerous attacks but nothing really sticking. People were amped up for the first real race of the season, and with numerous teams such as TSV, Ashby St., LSV/TREK/Nike, and River City BC, all having fairly deep talent pools to chase. Even Il Poggio was nice and smooth, rocketing up it in the big ring but at speeds and in a draft that made it nice and spinnable.

There were a few nasty accelerations up the hill in the 2d and 3d laps, but when the big guns realized it would be to no avail given the overall speed of the race, things settled down. Basically, the speed stayed constant, but not uncomfortable, and nothing could get away, except of course for Jon Wirsing.

Race Pic
Train roll on...
Two laps to go. Josh Frick launches Wirsing (still in TSV colors) at the feed zone, spawning a chasing group of about five guys. They got reeled in, but Wirsing TT'd at somethinglike 30 miles an hour for the last two laps, never really out of sight but, even more impressively, never really giving up. And we weren't going slowly. No one organized a chase -- despite teams decked out in radios, the new Richmond Helmboldt armada, NCVC with like 10 guys in the field, etc. etc. -- and when Langley or someone would jump, it was marked by Frick or Skip Menard etc. Hamblen was in the field, riding for Ashby Street on his old Bianchi, and he led the chase for much of the last lap, joined at times by NCVC's Shane Groth and Russ Langley as well as James Marsh (Pax Velo) and R Muoio (MVC) who did their level best to pull in Wirsing. At times they were tantalizingly close, within 75 meters even, but no one could quite punch it across. And that was it. He soloed in. Frick set up the TSV train to lead Ray Sanchez and Mark Light in for 2nd and 3rd.