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Saturday, March 31, 2001 -- Malabar Farm SP, Mansfield, OH
Tour of Richland County (iPO Event Id#: 3088)

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Race report contributed by Jim Baldesare and the Gomart Cycling Team

I belive this is the first race of the year in which there was more than one Gomart team member, there were five in attendance: Jim Baldesare, Jeff Braumberger, Greg Cook, Mike House, and finally Paul Martin. Unfortunately, we were a large percentage of the small 13-15 field.

The first of four 12 mile laps was uneventful until Paul countered a short-lived attack by Mike, Paul was quickly joined by 4 others, including Greg. AS they topped the climb with a small lead, I could tell the field was slightly extended so I punched it and crossed the gap. The field quickly chased and by the next roller we were back together, I accelerated again at the top, to be joined by Brian Batke (CVV).

We worked together and opened a decent gap. I think we were both pretty gassed, however, so we were thankful when Paul jumped the field and bridged alone. We then quickly opened the gap to a minute or so by the end of lap 2.

Then, just as we topped the climb we heard some cries of desperation, turned aound and saw Greg motoring up the climb to join us. After recovering for maybe 20 seconds, Greg joined in the rotation. Now, four men strong we pressed to the finish. On the flat portion of road leading to the climb we took turns working over a hard working Brian until we could roll in 1-2-3, Greg Cook took first place honors.

Results: [unofficial]

1. Greg Cook (Gomart)
2. Jim Baldesare (Gomart)
3. Paul Martin (Gomart)
4. Brian Batke (CVV)
5. Greg Bamford (?)