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Saturday, April 14, 2001 -- Fayetteville, WV
Fayetteville Easter Lily 5K (iPO Event Id#: 2971)
Story and photos by George Gannon

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Race Pic
Running the streets of Fayettville
"This is the hardest 5K you will ever run," was the sentiment of Robin Young after she finished the always-challenging Fayetteville Easter Lilly 5K on Saturday morning. However, one aspect of the race no one could complain about was the weather. The sun was out and a slight breeze prodded a group of eager competitors.

But, (and there is always a but), with the hills that these runners were going to encounter, the agreeable weather could only help them so much. The course, which weaves through the Fayette County seat, is filled with brutal uphills and mind bending twists and turns. The final leg is some sweet relief for the runners: a full, half-mile long downhill where they can see the finish line the entire way.

First to find that finish line, and repeating his 1999 victory, was race veteran Glenn Baldwin (17:10). Although he had some early heat from Aaron Kaylor, Baldwin managed to take the lead at the half-mile mark. And when he did, he never looked back. After the race, Baldwin called the course "tough but great" and that it is "good for a workout." When asked about the hills, he claimed that they made him a "little wobbly."

Race Pic
Down the hill they go
Coming in at the number two spot was Kaylor (18:05). Even though he enjoyed the race and was pleased with his time, he did feel the hills were "challenging, very challenging." Ripley native Jimmy Groves (18:45) rounded out the top three.

For the ladies, Charleston resident Marlene Moore (22:45) took the top spot. Moore claimed that the first hill, a mile or so into the course, was by far the worst, but that the downhill finish made it all worthwhile. The always-quotable Young (23:14) took the number two spot. Oak Hill native Tracy Bickford (23:39) took the number three spot.

Anyone knows that the real reason to run the Fayetteville Easter Lilly 5K is to obtain a trophy. These trophies aren't your average, silver-person-in-sprinting-position awards. Nope, Race Director Larry Taylor, who gets an iPlayOutside shout-out for his prompt work with the results, crafted the glass trophies himself. To get one makes any obstacles a runner would have to conquer worth the pain.