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Sunday, April 22, 2001 -- Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Spring Road Race Series - Race #6 (iPO Event Id#: 3015)
Photos by Jeffrey Martello and results from the one and only Gary Bywaters

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Link to Cat 4/5 Writeup

Cat 1/2/3 Writeup

Funny looking mountain bike ya' got there Gunnar
Fiendracer is on the road again
The Pittsburgh Spring RR Series wrapped up with the last race this Sunday. The crew from the 'burgh has sent us the results and some fine pictures and we expect some coverage soon. Congrats to all the involved parties on pulling of a fine series. I'll only mention Joe Papp, Jeff Martello, Gary Bywaters and Henry Dimmick here but there were a bunch of riders who contributed to coverage of the series and a bunch of volunteers who did everything from make coffee to man the corners of the course. Time to step back and see what can be done to improve upon the foundation for next years series and keep on training (man, it's still early in the year).

Mike Friedman, fresh off a successful racing sojourn to Cuba, won the final 1-2-3 event in the second annual Pittsburgh Spring Road Race Series. Friedman cruised to victory in a blistering 1:30:06 for 36.4 miles, setting a new course record in the process. Ryan Mele (TRBC Trek) finished second in the same time, and UPMC Pittsburgh Cycling's Jeff Timinski was third at 2:17. Joe Papp (UPMC Pittsburgh Cycling) was fourth at 3:49 and overall series winner Charlie Chulack (TRBC Trek) was fifth at 5:39.

Race Pic
"A Postie has moved to the front!"
While there were several tentative, probing attacks on the first lap, the real action started before the climb on lap two when Papp jumped, followed by Mele. Friedman bridged with Timinski by the summit of the climb, and the four quickly moved clear of the disintegrating field. Chulack and Jason Zimmerman (Greensburg Cycling) jumped clear of the bunch in pursuit of the leaders, but they were quickly outdistanced by the break.

Friedman and Papp set a relentless tempo and seemed to take great delight in ratcheting up the pace to extreme levels around the entire circuit. Team tactics came into play in the final third of the event, however, and prevented even more time from being shaved from the record. Neither Friedman nor Papp were in contention for a top-3 overall placing, but Timinski stood to move into second ahead of Bob Riffle (East Suburban Sports Medicine) and Gunnar Shogren (ACA/Guinness) should he place highly. So while Chulack and Zimmerman chased valiantly, later being joined by Riffle, Shogren and Chris Mayhew (East Suburban), Papp held back slightly to ensure Timinski's place in the break. Friedman remained indifferent to the UPMC machine's machinations, and was content to brutalize himself and his companions with three-kilometer pulls.

Race Pic
Who says racing is all hard work and no smiles
Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men...with little more than a kilometer to go to the line and the start of the final lap, disaster struck for UPMC, and an opportunity arose for Friedman. Timinski flatted his rear tire, and despite trading wheels with Papp, he lost several minutes trying to mesh his teammate's 10speed cassette and his own 9speed drivetrain. By the time it was sorted, Friedman and Mele had long disappeared up the road and Timinski was on his own.

Friedman's victory over his training partner Mele was but a formality, as was Timinski's third place finish. Papp eventually completed the parcours to take fourth, while Chulack, Riffle, Shogren and Zimmerman remained together to contest the final four points-earning places. Chulack, always hungry for sprint wins (even for fifth place!), beat Riffle into sixth, thereby helping Timinski vault into second overall, one point ahead of the East Suburban rider. By beating Shogren for seventh, Zimmerman flicked West Virginia's favorite son and left him one point behind Riffle, in fourth overall. For an idea of how close the overall standings were, consider that places 2 to 6 were ultimately separated by only one point each!

In the Women's event, Barb Grabowski (ACA) came home ahead of Betsy Schauer (East Suburban), Susan Law (TRBC/Trek) and Anna Noller (unattached).

Race Write-Up by Henry Dimmick based on input from Hites Bikes/FoxVelo Riders, Henry Wang of TRBC/Trek and Bryan Routledge of CycleWorks (from his injury/bonbon-couch!).

Race Pic
With a smile like that...
...not having a bad day
Well, the final week of the Mingo Spring Series Road Race has finally arrived with a perfect day for racing...partly cloudy and 70 degrees. At the conclusion of Registration, today's Main Event revealed that it would be a three-way "horse race" between Sam Baum (Woody's Workout - 20 points from race wins in week #3 and #4), Jim Miller (Hites Bikes / Fox Velo - 19 Points) and Todd Copeland (CycleWorks - 14 points).

The race began with Jonathan Montag (Unattached) going off the front on a solo breakaway. The pack, unaccustomed to looking for anything but a CycleWorks jersey marking the front of the race, sat on the wheel of Todd Copeland (Cycleworks)! Eager to take a turn at the front in his first road race, and "...not wanting to be behind the "whole" race..." (his words!), Roger Lutz (Fox Velo) rode up beside Todd and began to distract him with conversations of Friday's closing stock prices! Unfortunately for Roger, the race did not end at the first corner and the pack upped the pace in anticipation of the day's first climb. This "special escort" of the Series Contenders was the mark of the day, with members of "Gang Green" (Hites Bikes/FoxVelo) in constant contact with Baum and Copeland and with the "wagons circled" around Miller.

By this time, Jonathan Montag had now muscled his way to a 20 second gap on the rest of the group. Up over the top of the climb, across the top and down the descent, the pack chased to no avail...but kept Montag in their sites.

During Lap 2, Steve Kundman (Hites Bikes/Fox Velo), Ray Russell (CycleWorks), Bryan Routledge (CycleWorks) and Jason Ressler (Fat Jimmy's) worked to bridge over to Jonathan Montag while the remaining CycleWorks and Hites riders jostled to populate the front of the pack in order to control the peleton from closing down on the chase group.

In the end, the long hard pulls from Jason Ressler led the chase group and the closing peleton right to Montag just before the 3rd Lap climb.

Through the remainder of Lap three and most of Lap 4 a few unsuccessful attacks were made but failed due to the high pace being set by Fat Jimmy's, CycleWorks, Hites Bikes, Kevin Kramer (Slippery Rock University) and 18 year old, 1st year racer Andy Wiedrich (TRBC/Trek). In a earlier demonstration of "teamwork", Chuck Law (TRBC/Trek) gave up his bike to Andy after he flatted on Lap 2. Using that "...ultralite Trek carbon fibre frame..." (qty 1 - Shameless Plug!), Andy was able to catch back on solo. Without that selfless act, Andy would not be back in the race now (in this story...) or in the finishing results. Way to go Chuck!

The most significant event of this section of the race was that Todd Copeland (CycleWorks contender for the overall title) flatted. Now the race was down to two....Jim Miller (Hites Bikes/FoxVelo) and Sam Baum (Woody's Workout).

Race Pic
Going it alone
In the closing turn of Lap 4, an already tight peleton squeezed together, with a rider on the inside of the turn bumping in to Bryan Routledge (CycleWorks) who in turn bumped into Doug Frost (Hites Bikes/FoxVelo). While Frost was able to withstand the bump, his successful efforts to remain upright pretzeled his front wheel, taking him out of contention. Routledge was not so lucky as two hits was one too many on this (Hockey Day in Canada) and he went down in flames :(

As Routledge fell on his left side, he listened to the sound of his helmet, lycra and skin scrape across the ground as his bike went careening into the air just high enough for Dave Curry (East Suburban Sports Medicine) to become "one" with his top tube (ouch!) and ride UNDERNEATH! Where is the camera when you need one?

The accident slowed Sam Baum (Woody's Workout), points leader coming in to today's race, enough that the rider behind him ran into the back of Sam's derailleur. While Sam was able to continue on until the start/finish line, his derailleur blew up in front of the stunned crowd and a chorus of groans. The series was now there for Miller's (Hites Bikes/Fox Velo) taking.

With the approach to the final climb, TRBC/Trek riders Henry Wang and Andy Wiedrich went to the front to prepare for a predicted Hites Bikes/FoxVelo attack on the hill. In Henry Wang's words, "There were green shorts everywhere!". Sure enough, possibly not realizing that Copeland and Baum were out of the race or just hell-bent-committed to victory, Jim Miller (Hites/Bikes/FoxVelo) exploded off the front taking Andy Wiedrich (TRBC/Trek), Dave Curry (East Suburban Sports Medicine), Ray Russell (CycleWorks) and Jason Ressler (Fat Jimmy's) with him. This was the final selection. Unfortunately they were not afforded the opportunity to play a cat-and-mouse game approaching the finish as the chase group remained just 10 seconds back. So to the finish they hammered.

In the end, Dave Curry (East Suburban Sports Medicine) truly dodged a (Routledge/CycleWorks-bullet) to take a sweet victory in reward for spending two of the previous Mingo Races serving as a volunteer Marshal. "What goes around, comes around" with the wait being clearly worth it!

Finishing right behind Dave was Andy Wiedrich (TRBC/Trek) with Jim Miller (Hites Bikes/FoxVelo) taking third in the race and clinching a 2001 PCC Cat 4/5 Mingo Series title to go with his 2000 ACA Class "C" Mingo Series title.

Ray Russell (CycleWorks), Jason Ressler (Fat Jimmy's) and Kevin Kramer (Slippery Rock University) finished 4th, 5th and 6th, all with the same finishing time as Curry.

WOW !!!

PS. With the exception of some pretty nasty road rash on his knee, hip and shoulder, Bryan Routledge is reported to be doing fine with the support of his family and some good Scotch !!!

Until next year........ :)

Special thanks to all those who helped make this race and the entire Spring Series a success, including:

  • Promoter - Joe Papp (PCC)
  • Registrar - Jimmy 'da Hatt (PCC)
  • Chief Referee - Gary Bywaters
  • Photographer - Jeff Martello (PCC)
  • Race Day Sign Putter Upper/Taker Downer - Don Mosites (PCC)
  • Race Day Marshal Coordinator - Don Mosites (PCC)
  • Road Rocks Shoveler - Racer X - Hites Bikes / FoxVelo
  • Hole Marker - Racer Y - Hites Bikes / FoxVelo
  • Pace Car #1 - Don Mosites (PCC)
  • Pace Car #2 - Denny Dansak (East Suburban Sports Medicine)
  • Marshal #1 - Eric Mitch (PCC)
  • Marshal #2 - George Wolfe - Secured by Hites Bikes / Fox Velo
  • Marshal #3 -Kristin W. (Cycleworks)
  • Marshal #4 - Unknown kind soul
  • Marshal #5 - Unknown kind soul
  • Caffeine - Gunnar Shogren (Guinness)
  • Carbo Loading (for Race volunteers) - Bryan Routledge (Cycleworks); Barb Grabowski (ACA)
  • Cat 1/2/3 Race Write- Coordinator - Joe Papp (PCC)
  • Cat 4/5 Race Write-Up Coordinator - Henry Dimmick & Team - Hites Bikes / Fox Velo
  • Cat 4/5 Race Write-Up - Bryan Routledge & Team - CycleWorks
  • Woman's Race Write-Up Coordinator - Barb Grabowski (ACA)