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Saturday, April 14, 2001 -- Boyce, VA
Millwood FUNdraiser 5K & Childrens Run (iPO Event Id#: 3046)
Story by Neal Riemenschneider and photos by Shea Riemenschneider

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Race Pic
Enjoying the spring weather
The Millwood FUNdraiser 5K is a special charity race that directly benefits people in the immediate area. The Millwood Homeowners Association puts the race on every year in order to raise money for those people who do not have indoor plumbing and are financially unable to pay for the hook-up to the new sewer line. All money raised from the event goes directly to needy families to help them pay for this basic service.

You will note the FUN in the race title and this is clearly stated on the application every year. Awards consist of recycle trophies (I have received a horse trophy and a bowler trophy over the years), certificates and medals. Additionally, the t-shirts are always leftover from past years and they feature an outhouse on the front with one of those circles with a line through it. Race day fees are only $11 and there is always plenty of food and drink after the race.

Race Pic
Cruisin' through the arboretum
Additionally, the course is held on the beautiful Blandy Experimental Farm, a state-run arboretum. The grounds are filled with trees, fauna and flora. The certified 5K course is a loop of the facility on paved and unpaved roads with no traffic.

Fifty six runners showed up on race morning but Jared Prunty, an 18 year-old senior from nearby Sherando High School, instantly became the pre-race favorite. But I was not intimidated. There we were shoulder-to-shoulder, jostling for position, staring each other down, staying totally focused on our form and then some nut yelled "GO."

Prunty jumped to the lead and within the first 50 yards the rest of us were running for second. "I liked this course a lot. I just tried to work the hills really hard and run a fast time," said the VA Tech bound track star. With a finish time of 16:25, Prunty was way ahead of second place finisher Mark Vann (18:20) while the chubby guy named Neal R. took third (18:29).

Laura Nelson from Harrisonburg, VA was on her way to Baltimore with her husband to visit some family members. A fast start by Marian Bergdolt didn't faze Nelson's determination. "She (Bergdolt) went out really fast but I just ran my own race, " explained Nelson. "I caught her at mile 1 and just kept myself focused on my pace." Nelson took the women's crown in 19:34 finishing almost a full minute ahead of Bergdolt (20:33). Local speedster and master runner Sandy Adams took third wit a time of 21:17.

Race Pic
Watch out for varmints!
The most amusing story of the day has to be attributed to my wife Ruth. While she was out warming up, I saw her in the woods heading towards me. All of a sudden, Ruth screams, then jumps all around and I see an animal scurry across her path and into the woods. Being the caring and macho husband that I am, I sprinted to Ruth's rescue expecting to see a fierce fox, wolf or raccoon bearing its fangs at my beloved wife. Turns out, Ruth says, that something jumped out of the trees, landed at her feet and proceeded to scurry near her thereby scaring the you-know-what out of her. When I asked her what it was, she was adamant that it was a "real mean" squirrel. Must have Rocky the Flying Squirrel. So much for rescuing my damsel in distress