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Sunday, April 1, 2001 -- Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Hale Farm Village Loop)
Valley Circuit Race Spring Training Series - 1 (iPO Event Id#: 3239)

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Race report contributed by Jim Baldesare and the Gomart Cycling Team

After moving the clocks foward last evening, an early and cold morning greeted the motivated racers. Surprisingly, 35-40 riders started the category 1-2-3-4 race. In attendance for Gomart were Jim Baldesare, Mike House, and Paul Martin.

A single rider (Tris Hopkins, CVV) attacked almost immediately on the first of 6 rolling to flat laps. One lap later I countered that move, since I was freezing and it seemed like a quick way to warm up.

About a lap later Paul countered strongly, but the field went crazy and caught him only to see Mike shotgun away, building a strong gap which he held until 2 to go.

Nothing of note happened until Paul threw down another attack with a little more than a lap to go. A strong Rob Dolby chased with myself in tow. As we got Paul's wheel a quick look behind showed that the gap had finally opened and we went as hard as we could with the pack chasing hard.

As we neared the finish Paul noticed Rob sat out one pull so he let me roll off slighty. Rob pulled up to and through me, and Paul quickly attacked, leaving nothing to chance. I just sat on for the ride as Rob tried in vain to catch Paul, a quick hard jump to the finish past Rob and it was a Gomart 1-2.

The new Gomart junior Mike House had a great effort during the middle of the race, Paul and I just sat in and blocked and had everything we needed to finish off the race.

Results: [unofficial]

1. Paul Martin (Gomart)
2. Jim Baldesare (Gomart)
3. Rob Dolby (?)
4. Dave Chernosky (Team Columbus)
5. Tom Frueh (CVV)