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Sunday, April 22, 2001 -- Michaux State Forest, PA
Monsters Of Michaux Mega Series Race 1 (iPO Event Id#: 3282)
Photos by Dana Harshberger and Ginny Oyhenart

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Race Pic
Bishop takes the win
Once upon a time, like last year, we all lamented the demise of the Michaux mountain bike races. But luckily for us, "Michaux Lives!" thanks to Gettysburg Cycling and Fitness for picking up the tradition of the Michaux Mountain Bike races.

And most would probably agree that this edition of the Michaux race series has started off on the right foot. Deep and generous cash and prizes, as well as agreeable weather, well maybe a little on the hot side for April, made for a great day to be outside on your bike. Fabulous conditions and a killer course made for fun, err, at least challenging fun for most folks as they snaked their way around the forest, concentrating their way amongst the craggy rocks. Then it's time to go up, WAY up, the lung busting climb of "Dead Woman's Hollow" and then "Three-Mile Trail". And by then you are only half way done! You must continue to think, or become one with the rocks. Navigate the rocky technical section of "Rattlesnake Ridge", then its onto Logsled and finally you can smoothly (ha) cruise to the finish on this year's addition of some steep and gnarley double track, with a rock garden thrown in for good measure!

Race Pic
Sue Haywood back from the wild west with a win
The day started off in a similar fashion to last year, with the motorcycle marshals leading the waves of categories to the staging area. It was here that the hundreds of racers could then vie to be the first into the woods.

The Pro/Experts led the way, with K2/NuSunn's Jeremiah Bishop grabbing the hole shot. Trek's finest, Chris Eatough, Paul Buschi and David Duvall followed him into the singletrack. Jeremiah had a strong start, but then dropped his chain, and was passed by the Trek boys. He knew that with the team in force, he'd really have to try and keep Chris in sight. After several attempts to pass Paul and David, Jeremiah made his move for Chris, and caught up with him at Flat Tire Downhill. The two traded attacks for a while, then Jeremiah dug in and established a 10 second lead around Dead Woman's Hollow. It was here that the Trek guys had their team mechanic, John Posner, waiting with a feed for them. Bishop was wishing for one himself, as he was starting for feel the heat, both temperature-wise and mentally, and was also starting to cramp. At a point near Rattlesnake Ridge, Mr. Bishop capitalized on Mr. Eatough's flat tire, and maintained his lead. From this point on, Jeremiah felt like a "rabbit being chased by a fox", because he was never sure of just how far ahead he was. However, he pulled in first, followed by the Chris, Paul and David, and Jay Duffy of SpeedGoat, rounding out the top five.

Race Pic
Who says racing you can't have a little fun?
For the women, Trek took the top two spots with their awesome women riders, Sue Haywood and Katie Compton. Sue seemed up to her usual strong and steady pace and when asked about her day, commented that she was out for her "Sunday afternoon ride". Also overheard was the fact that she needs to get reacquainted with east coast riding again, as she had just gotten back from the west and it's fireroad-style trails. Rounding out the top five for the women were Kristine Oesterling, with Team Harrisburg, Theresa Richardson with Trek Grassroots, and Susan Musante.

Other riders of note: First Place Master Woman Lynn Mannion, who got through the race by telling herself, "you're a gnarley bitch, you're a gnarley bitch". Lynn you're better than that!! You're kick-ass awesome!! Then, there were the nameless machocists that did battle with their SINGLE SPEEDS! Guilty parties, you know who you are!

But one thing is for sure, that the classic conditions of Michaux tend to bring out the best: in riders, in skills, and in the rockin' fabulous time that is Michaux! Be sure to come out again for the next 2 races in the Mega Series: July 15th and September 16th.