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Saturday, April 28, 2001 -- Jane Lew, WV
CAR Series - General Lightburn 5K Run (iPO Event Id#: 3366)

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PLEASE NOTE: These are all the results we have received, if comlete standings become available we will post them as well.

Place Name Time
Overall Men
1Larry Taylor15:51
2Aaron Kaylor17:12
3Jared Smith17:13
Male Age 19 & Under
1Brant Edgell18:57
2Patrick Huffman19:28
3Jordan Bable19:33
Male Age 20-24
1Chad Feathers21:07
Male Age 25-29
1Doug Sayers21:32
2Greg Kramer21:44
3John Minnocci22:44
Male Age 30-34
1J. Nicholson19:14
2Robert Mars20:08
3David Marshall21:48
Male Age 35-39
1Scott House21:35
2Michael Kocher21:39
3Gary Weaver21:57
Male Age 40-44
1David Booth18:59
2Steve Simon19:29
3Les Reaser21:51
Male Age 45-49
1Joe LeRoy19:00
2Jeff Miller19:17
3Mike Allman20:58
Male Age 50-54
1Carl Morris19:48
2Vaughan Wright20:10
3James Mihalik20:21
Male Age 55-59
1Ken House22:23
2James Harris24:15
3Jack Gain24:59
Male Age 60 & Over
1Marty Elliott23:47
2Ernest Doll24:41
Overall Women
1Carol Davis20:11
2Nichole Tingler22:30
3Julie Roos23:29
Women Age 19 and Under
1Kodie Miller23:48
2Tanya Smith24:17
Women Age 20-29
1Margaret Hardesty25:10
2Connie Barber25:19
3Lisa Rawlings26:28
Women Age 30-39
1Lisa Walls23:42
2Belen Hutson23:56
3Teresa Ray24:51
Women Age 40-49
1Carol Ashburn23:33
2Ernestine Hardesty 23:43
3Mary Helmick24:12
Women Age 50 & Over
1Alice Tenney25:55
Place Name Time Comments
1 Mile Run
1Larry Taylor4:34Course Record
2Craig McDonegal4:49-
3Jared Smith4:54-
4Aron Kaylor4:59-
5J. Riffle5:01-
6Travis Snider6:04-
7James Mihaliak6:14-
8N. Edwards6:49-
9Tonya Smith6:57First Female
10Ernest Doll7:32-
11Courtney Ray8:39Second Female
12Eugenia Hunt9:01Third Female
13Kelsey Fogg9:06-
14J. Riffle9:07-
15P. Edwards9:08-
16Judy Eli9:17-
17Jeremy Riffle9:43-
18Riley Davis9:54-
19Dan Davis9:55-