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Saturday, April 14, 2001 -- Macungie, PA
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Bear Creek Mt. Perk DH/DS Series 1 (iPO Event Id#: 3470)
Story and photos by Ginny Oyhenart

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Race Pic
A beauty day of racin' at Bear Creek
Saturday, April 14th marked Bear Creek's opening day to its first Downhill race of the 2001 season (no dual slalom for this first weekend). Being the first in a fourteen race series, the beautiful weather brought out the best and most eager riders the east coast has to offer. At just $15 for race entry and lift pass, this was by far one of the more affordable events I've ever been a part of.

At registration, Al - better known as the "Mountain Bike Guy", hoped to see 100 riders that day. He was more than pleased to see the parking lot as well as the lift line dense with bikes and bodies by 11am. Al, and his staff did a terrific job organizing and managing the record number of 130 registrants. "This is almost double our peak number of 67 riders at our last Downhill race of 2000" explained Al. "Our attendance has continued to climb at a rapid pace and it's with team members like Mark and Wendy that we're able to make this happen".

Race Pic
Watch out for that tree!
Many familiar faces were seen among the 52 riders registered in the Expert/Pro class. Lars Tribus (Iron Horse) annihilated the course coming in 1st place with a lightening fast speed of 2:17.25. Equally as impressive was the ever-friendly Jay DeJesus (Racers Edge) at 2:18.26 followed by Todd Bosch (Racers Edge) at 2:18.65. Just a second behind was Jon Gabor (No Fear, riding with OC Racing), at 2:19.24 and rounding out the top five was Pete Weir at an incredible 2:19.89.

Expert Juniors showed their stuff with an amazing time held by first place finisher, Joe Sanders at 2:36.23. In Sport Class, John Dean took first with the fastest time at 2:42.14. Beginner times were smokin' with Lisa Seamen coming in at 2:48.06, almost a full 13 seconds ahead of the top beginner male finisher, Paul Crambo (3:01.63). You go girl!

Race Pic
Showin' off for the camera
After the race, it was time to get loose. On the deck, as the band played, the grill fired up tasty burgers and the bar kept the pitchers flowing. By the finish line, OC Racing's tent was packed with old and new friends catching up after the long, cold winter. Mt. Perk's tent was busy too, with a smiling Jay Schwab showing off Grossman Project's awesome new DH, DS and Free Ride frames. It was nice to see everyone enjoying the friendly atmosphere and high spirits within this unique biking environment.

Overall, it was a terrific day for riding, racing, spectating and just plain old fun "We've worked hard to put together a great program, all the folks here on the mountain have put in so much time and effort - they're really the ones to thank", responded a smiling Al after having been congratulated on a successful, fun filled opening day on the Mountain. "We hope to have a continuance of this enthusiastic crowd at our upcoming DH/XC April 21-22". For more information on scheduled races and events at Bear Creek, check out or use this link to search the iPlayOutside 2001 cycling schedule for Bear Creek.