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Saturday, April 14, 2001 -- Munroe Falls, OH
Spring Race at the Lake (RATL) #1 (iPO Event Id#: 3499)

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Race report contributed by Paul Martin, Craig Slaughter and the Gomart Cycling Team

The race account below is again from one of the Ohio early season races that we consider training. We expect to win them, but don't believe for a minute that is always easy.

For those that don't know road cycling, it is very much a team sport. The benefits of drafting behind someone else dictates that (as much as 30% easier). Thus, a large group that takes turns can always ride faster than one man. But then the make up of the large group and its psychology sometimes prevents it from working together. Team members of the man off the front can help in that regard, by passively interfering or whittling down the groups resolve. Leading through "the last turn" refers to the tactic in which the poorer sprinters on the team break the wind for the designated sprinter and also, keep the pace high enough to discourage attacks until the last few hundred meters when the sprinter has to finish it off - Jim Baldesare in this case.


Saturday April 14, Race at the Lake Circuit, Munroe Falls, OH

30 mile circuit race on a 1.2 mile circuit

Jim Baldesare 1st, Paul Martin 5th, Jeff Braumberger and Mike House somewhere behind 5th??

We rode a very aggressive race, attacked alot. Jim was off with a national team rider from Pittsburgh area for several laps. They came back and I countered. The race came back together with two to go and we led Jim through the last turn. I think we won all the primes too.

Weather looks really bad this week here. Training outside at all may be difficult...