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Saturday, April 7, 2001 - Sunday, April 8, 2001 -- Seaford, DE
Seaford Road Races (iPO Event Id#: 3503) By Andrew Albright

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Road Race Start
Anyone ready for a bike race?
Karen Walkerman (Amherst College) came all the way down to the southwestern corner of Delaware from snowy western Massachusetts to win the omnium in the Category 4 women's race. She did this by winning the 50+ mile road race on Sunday, the last of the three events, for a 53 point total.

Saturday morning was the time trial down at Woodland Ferry, starting at the Woodland Ferry on the Nanticoke River and finishing in the town of Woodland Ferry. The circuit race was in Seaford racing around the Seaford Country Club adjacent to downtown Seaford.

Walkerman's competition was right at her heels with Jane Maloney in second place with 51 points and Andrea Seward (Gold's Gym) in 3rd, 49 points. Amanda McEvitt was a double winner, winning the CR and TT on Saturday and finishing with a 48-point total.

Circuit Race
Circuit racing the streets of Seaford
Snow Valley dominated the Cat 3 women's race with Christine Harding (57 points) winning the overall omnium and road race and Jennifer Scott (56 points) winning the TT and finishing 2nd in the omnium. Kimberly Meyer (Squadra Coppi) performed consistenly well over all three events on her way to a 3rd place in the omnium, as did Evelyn Egizi (Artemis) who was 5th overall. Diana Gillam did well in both the CR and RR for 4th overall, but did not compete in the TT on Saturday morning.

Only Five Cat 4/5 Men scored a top 20 in all 3 events for the Cat 4/5 omnium, including overall Seaford Bicycle Race Weekend Champion and current Pennsylvania Cycling Association president Mike LaPenna (Main Line) who tallied 43 points. He and his team rode a good race and employed solid race tactics, inlcuding Ryan Graff (38 points), who was third overall. Jeff Chown, second overall, won the CR and RR; however those 40 points were no enough to hold off LaPenna. Notalby, 5th place in the Cat 4/5 race was won by the juniors, David Wells (33 points). Lastly, James Weightman of Ashby Street Racing smoked the time trial, with a time that would have put him in the top 20 in the Cat 1/2/3 race.

TT Start
A little time trialing to get you warmed up
The Cat 1/2/3 riders had the same 6 mile Time Trial to compete in, but on Saturday afternoon their circuit race was 50 miles and then on Sunday it was a 105 mile ride. All weekend, the two large teams battled fiercely. Snow Valley's Josh Frick and Jon Wirsing were first and second in the time trial, but NCVC's Russ Langley was right behind them in 4th.

However, the tables were turned with Langley getting 7th in the circuit race (Kyle Mendenhall won) with Wirsing finishing 11th. Therefore, going into the 100+ mile road race, Langley had only a two point lead and there were others close. He had to perform well and also beat (or not let Wirsing beat him) by more than 2 places. Both of these large teams watched each other closely. In the end Langley finished 6th, in the road race and was 2nd in the group sprint, and won the Cat 1/2/3 Omnium with 46 points. Wirsing's 8th place finish was plenty to give him 2nd overall with 42 points. Blair Saunders (Team Delaware) won the road race for the 2nd time in as many tries (he also won in 1999).