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Sunday, April 15, 2001 -- Barnum, WV
Mid Atlantic WW Spring Series #2 (iPO Event Id#: 3522)
Story by Chris Norbury

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Chris Norbury
Chris Norbury on the Tohickon
Easter Sunday 2001 saw the second spring Mid Atlantic Series wildwater race on the North Branch of the Potomac from Barnum,W.Va to Bloomington, MD. Despite high flows earlier in the week the flow was the normal 1000cfs, with weather conditions good, deteriorating to heavy rain for the prizegiving. Easter, and a training camp at NOC, deprived us of some of our competitors, with some of those expected not showing, but with two newcomers to the series competing for the first time. It's always nice to see new racers showing up, and we welcome Bob Vernon and Jesse Shimrock to the series.

In the Classic race, Steve Kauffman shook off a below par performance at the Red Moshannon to win by a stretch from Chris Norbury and an ailing Jesse Whittemore. In the past few weeks Jesse has suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, exhaustion, overwork, sickness and a few others ailments as well. Added to his 30lb boat this slowed him enough for Chris to squeeze past him in the classic, we are just glad he made it out.

Steve and Jesse
Old friends Steve Kauffman & Jesse Whittemore
Chara O'Brien put a time on the board for the women, with Beth Karp racing a blind run - hopefully we will have more females racers for the next race at Little Falls, or for the Cheat Narrows race. Bob Davis and Larry Lubbers were again racing alone in OC-2 - I'm threatening to drag out my WW C2 for the Cheat Narrows race, although I may need some help to outfit it - plus a partner to race with (Paul G?).

In the Sprint race Steve again too the honors, to move to the head of the Mid Atlantic series rankings, and he and Chris had a 5 second gap over third. In fourth Scott Leroux showed good form and good lines to finish only 0.3 seconds behind Jesse Whittemore. Thanks to Scott for making the drive to Bloomington - we hope to see him at more races this year.

Beth Karp
Beth Karp on the Tohickon
It was closer between Jesse Shimrock and mentor Scott Stough - only 0.1 seconds separated them in the sprint, and of course the human hand can't move that fast accurately, so I prefer to call this an honorable tie. Despite his inexperience on the rough in a wildwater boat Bob Vernon showed his fitness carry over from biking with a fine 5th place in both the classic and sprint. With some more time in the boat on the rough I am sure we will be watching him disappear down the river as we struggle vainly to keep up.

Thanks to everyone for showing up on Easter Sunday. Thanks to Barbara Karp for helping out with start (can I get my watch back Barbara?), to Steve Draper for fine comfortable accommodation and to Paul Grabow for a fine repartee of wildwater stories on Saturday night.

Races on the Way...
Don't forget that on April 28th, the Tim Gavin Race will take place on the Shenandoah. (enter before April 21st to avoid paying 25 bucks), and pray for rain for to avoid the shallows!

The next day is the Little Falls Race (start at 1pm) - only 5 bucks entry - looks like it might be high for now, but you never know a few weeks in advance. There will be an upper water level cutoff for this race (probably high 4ft range), when the race will be moved to a course running from O-Deck to Carderock. Unless we have a good degree of safety set this is a necessity in such big water. If you are looking for a place to stay drop me a line and I can see what I can set up.

The week after is the Cheat Canyon Race (Friday evening) and Narrows race (Sunday - sorry to all those who requested Saturday). Start will be at 10-30 AM so those with a long drive can get home quickly.

I'm often asked where you can get boats in this country. At present there are 3 Vajda boats sitting at Valley Mill waiting to be sold. They are all excellent constructions and are as follows;

1 x No Limits - high end construction, $1300 - this is a boat adapted from the Esox (same hull) by French Champion Michael Fargier
1 x No Limits - high end construction, very lightly used - $1100
1 x Sesia - slightly lower construction - still very stiff, $1200 - this is a boat adapted by Vajda from the Zastera Savage 3000
* check out the boats paddled by Ted Newton or Bob Vernon to see a Savage 3000.

Drop me a line if you are interested, Chris Norbury

Results from the Mid Atlantic WW Spring Series Race #2 are as follows:

Place Name Class Time
1Steve KauffmanK1M WW22.16
2Chris NorburyK1M WW22.48
3Jesse WhittemoreK1M WW22.56
4Scott LerouxK1M WW24.11
5Bob VernonK1M WW24.23
6Scott StoughK1M WW25.14
7Jesse ShimrockK1M WH25.29
8Chara O'BrienK1W WW25.55
9Bob Davis/Larry LubbersOC-225.58
10Beth KarpK1W JR WW27.05
1Steve KauffmanK1M WW1.27.2
2Chris NorburyK1M WW1.28.5
3Jesse WhittemoreK1M WW1.33.9
4Scott LerouxK1M WW1.34.2
5Bob VernonK1M WW1.36.2
6Scott StoughK1M WW1.41.0
7Jesse ShimrockK1M WH1.41.1
8Chara O'BrienK1W WW1.46.4
9Beth KarpK1W JR WW1.55.7