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Saturday, April 28, 2001 -- Winchester, VA
Doo Dah Day 5K (iPO Event Id#: 3526)
Story by Neil Riemenschneider with photos by Shea Riemenschneider

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Race Pic
All fun and no play ....
Three loops and you're done. This is the mantra for the Doo Dah Day 5K held at the Apple Blossom Mall. You run 3 dead flat loops around the mall on a circular course. No turns, just keep leaning to your left. The race benefits the Child-Parent Center and is the kick-off event for their for their big day of activities, rides and parade in the near-by park.
The more I write about road racing the harder it becomes to write up interesting stories about the winners when they win by big margins. This was the case today as the top winners, Mark Stickley and Ruth Riemenschneider became the winners basically when they registered for the race.

Stickley, a 38-year-old engineer with Ashworth Brothers, was just hoping to push himself to a fast time. "I wanted to run sub 5 minute miles. I hit mile 1 in 4:51 and was happy but the second loop got a little tedious and I ran it in 5:04 and on the third loop I had to dodge a lot of runners and walkers so that really slowed me down." Still, Stickley managed to run 15:29 and win by a hefty two-minute margin. Josh Adams, a Software Engineer living in Reston, Va., came out to the country to run 17:24 good for second overall. Top master was Ruth Riemenschneider's husband who finished in 17:55.

Race Pic
A strong junior circuit showing
Once again, Ruth Riemenschneider won a race with a slow time and once again I have to try and make her sound good. It's bad enough she has to climb into bed most Saturday nights clutching her winning trophy in her two greedy mitts, but trying to interview her is just a pain. I think it's a husband kind of thing.
"I was hoping to run faster," whined the second grade teacher, "But I just didn't feel right and I ran a lot slower than I wanted." Still, her time of 20:35 was good enough for first place as she finished over a minute ahead of second place finisher Hope Lee (22:11). Top women's master was Loretta Briede who finished in 26:24.

There were 79 finishers in the 5K along with 28 in the one miler. All award winners received gift certificates to Bo's Belly Barn (that is such a cool name) which is a convenience store here in town. Overall and master winners each received $10. Ruth likes to buy Pork Rinds while I like to fill up the gas tanks. Guess who gets to use them?

Kudos to the Shenandoah Valley Running Club's Jack-of-all Tradesman Karsten Brown for his race directing efforts and for supplying results.. There were plenty of volunteers out on the course (there sure are a lot of people out shopping at 8 AM on a Saturday morning) along with donuts and drinks. Many random prizes were distributed and each entrant received a button that allowed them free admission to the Doo Dah Day festivities. Ruth didn't want to go with me on the moonbounce so we gave our buttons to a friend who has young children.