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Sunday, May 6, 2001 -- Tomlinson Run State Park, WV
Tour de Tomlinson (iPO Event Id#: 2797)
Story and photos by Matt Marcus

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Race Pic
Things get tangled up at Tomlinson Run SP
At 5:30 AM the alarm sounds and it's off to the races again, heading to one of the far corners of Wild and Wonderful. The memory of sleeping in your own bed is fading as fast as the scenery flashing by on I-79. That's when you wonder why the mega-hundred mile drive doesn't seem too far to go on race day, until you are in the car driving.

When you finally get there the sunshine, the cool lush foliage and gurgling clear waters remind you of why you came. Then the quietude is broken by the screeching of V-brakes and the shouts of spectators and pumped up riders. The race is on.

It was one of those classic race days at Tomlinson Run State Park on Sunday, where a new and longer course got rave reviews from Sport and Expert level riders - especially the winners. Don't the winners always seem to like the course?

I think I can, I think I can...
Scott Lawson, first place single speed; "I liked the new course a lot. The new section added something that was missing, a little bit more of a downhill and definitely a little bit more climbing. Nice soft loamy ground so it held in the turns real well."

"Almost Famous" Steve Thaxton, first place vet-expert, fifth place overall; "The course was sick fast. I love that kind of a course. Very well laid out, well marked."

Benji Klimas, overall and expert men's winner; "It was definitely very fast and furious. I was just kinda' kickin' it, tryin' to hold on to my lead."

Nathan Annon, men's sport winner; "It was just really dry and fast, probably the fastest course I rode all year... Fast."

Fast Course
Lookin' for a little speed
Meanwhile back in the field the fast course was taking its toll. Fourth place expert Andrew Wulfkuhle of Viscious Cycles was on a maiden voyage, having assembled his new race bike, in classic fashion, the day before the race. "I lost my cage so I had to stop and take that off. Then my seat fell down and my second chainring was skipping, but other then that it was a good race."

Good enough to take fourth but not good enough to catch third place Gary Snodgrass. "It was fast and it hurt and that new section kicked my butt. I've ridden it every year and it keeps getting harder...which is good."

Jeremy Rowand, second place; "The course was awesome. I had a little difficulty with my chain but overcame it and had a good ride. Canaan is next weekend so I'll go do that and make as many [races] as I can and see what happens."

Thanks go out to all the riders as the proceeds from the Tour De Tomlinson Charity Mountain Bike Race benefit Tomlinson Run State Park and the Weirton United Way.