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Sunday, May 13, 2001 -- Ellicott City, MD
Spring AMBS #5 Mothers Day Brawler (iPO Event Id#: 3194)
Photos by Dana Harshberger

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Race Pic
No one said it would be easy
Dana Harshberger found her way to the AMBS Mothers Day Brawler with camera in hand. She got some great pics for us that we hope you enjoy. We don't have any results from the race (anyone out there who has full results from the previous AMBS races? - we'd love them). If you have a story to tell from the race - we'll be happy to give you a hand and put it up on our site. Just drop an e-mail to Dave McKain. We just ask that you be nice.

Top 5 Expert Riders

1st - Jeremiah Bishop
2nd - Chris Eatough
3rd - David Duvall
4th - Eric Keim
5th - John McInnis