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Sunday, May 13, 2001 -- Brecksville, OH
Chippewa Creek Road Race (iPO Event Id#: 3238)

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Race report contributed by the Gomart Cycling Team

Chippewa Creek Road Race 5/13/01
Course: 4 mile circuit, 9 laps 400 feet of climbing per lap
Field: 25 or so starters Cat 1/2/3

Held in the Cleveland metroparks system at the Brecksville reservation, this is a safe and challenging course. The far side of the circuit contains three rollers and the finish is a tough grunt for most anyone in the big ring. Representing Gomart today were Jim Baldesare, Jeff Braumberger, Mike House, and Paul Martin.

For the last several years this race usually starts with some suicide attack from the gun. Today we just cruised along gaining speed until hitting the first climb, a small acceleration and the group reformed at the top.

On lap two, the same thing as lap one but a harder hilltop finish as riders were sprinting for the three place overall in the king of the mountains competition. The third time up it was obvious that the mountain points were heavily contested and a small group of four; Rob Dolby (Colorado cyclist), Brian Batke (CVV), and Gomart riders Baldesare and Braumberger, removed itself from the pack.

With Braumberger breaking legs at the front the gap quickly grew, and Martin jumped the field and bridged solo within the next mile. The fiveman break worked smoothly (except for the lucky to be holding on, Baldesare) to build 30 sec for a few laps and then grew to a minute or so. However, the hilltop saw hard attacks for points by Martin and Dolby, stretching Baldesare to the limit having to chase to stay in contact.

With 2-1/2 to go Martin and Braumberger took turns attacking, thus freeing Martin with Batke in tow. Dolby had to chase hard with two Gomarts on his wheel, then Braumberger attacked bridging to Martin and Batke. The three leaders would stay together until 1/2 lap to go with Martin going alone and Braumberger successfully attacking on the final climb for second place.

CAT 1-3:
1. Paul Martin (Gomart)
2. Jeff Braumberger (Gomart)
3. Brian Batke (CVV)
4. Rob Dolby (Colorado Cyclist)
5. Jim Baldesare (Gomart)

King of the Mountain:
1. Rob Dolby (Colorado Cyclist) 13 pts.
2. Paul Martin (Gomart) 12 pts.
3. Brian Batke (CVV) 8 pts.
4. Jeff Braumberger (Gomart) 4 pts.
5. Mike House (Gomart) 3 pts.
6. Joe Papp (UMPC/PCC) 2 pts.

Promoter: Charles Howe.
Officials: Dan Gabelman (Chief Official), Gary Bywaters (Chief Scorer).
Sponsors: PYROapparel, Ohio School Pictures, Saturn of Middleburg Heights, Century Cycles.