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Saturday, June 2, 2001 -- Kanawha City, WV
Run with a Cop 5K Run/Walk (iPO Event Id#: 2460)
Story and photos by Don Parks

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Pace Vehicle
Run with a Cop! Wait a minute, is this a fair race?
It was a great day for a run along the Kanawha River with a number of law enforcement officers joining in the fun. Not only did the Run with a Cop 5K provide all the usual race day amenities, but everyone was helping to support the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics and the Kanawha County Special Olympics. With that in mind, it is no doubt that everyone would come through a winner. But still it had to be settled... who was the fastest draw in town.

The shootout began at 8:00am just outside the WVU Medical Building, just off 31st Street in Kanawha City. It was a "flat and fast" course, familiar to many, as it ran out-and-back along the Kanawha River. One person particularly well prepared was 18-year-old Adam Cross. The young gun, a University of Charleston runner, trains often on the same roads that make up the course.

Race Start
A line-up for the police? Well, not exactly...
From the starting gun Cross shot to the front of the crowd and began to distance himself from the rest of the participants, including all the Law Enforcement participants. However, one well seasoned slinger wasn't about to let this flight go without a chase. By the end of the first mile Fayetteville's Larry Taylor, a young-enough 40, had reeled in the escapee and was preparing to make a citizen's arrest.

"I saw him get away and I wasn't sure if he'd drop off enough for me to catch him," said Taylor after the race. Well, not only did Taylor catch him, he continued right on past and continued on to a first place finish in 15:41. Cross still hit the line for second at 16:16, and luckily neither was cited for their excessive speed out on the course. Rounding out the top three was the 43-year-old Glen Baldwin with a time of 16:50.

Roxanne Carte
Roxanne Carte came ready to race
For the women, there was no containing the 46-year-old Connie Young. She quickly lost her pursuers on her way to the overall female title with a time of 19:23. However, it would take until the very end of the race for the authorities to settle the dispute for second place honors.

The 42-year-old Robin Cannon jumped out ahead early with the 41-year-old Roxanne Carte content to sit back and bide her time. Keeping Cannon in her sites most of the race, it wasn't until the final stretch that Carte showed her cards. With what Cannon called "some really great running", Carte raced past her rival to steal second place with a time of 19:47. Cannon dropped all charges as she said "it was really a great race," and still got the rewards of a third place finish at 19:57.

Taking a stroll
Fun and helping hands for Special Olympics
With the Law Enforcement contingent staying in hot pursuit the entire race, it was Sgt. John Shannon leading them to the finish followed by Cpl. Jason Beckett and Cpl. T.E. Thompson. In the field of walkers it was Megan Long leading the way with Evelyn Stover and Amy Cadle rounding out the top three.

Maybe deserving the most praise was the individual who was able to raise the most donations for Special Olympics. That honor, for the third year in a row, goes to Tessa Hager. Her work, and the work of the many other participants, volunteers and sponsors (including Dick's Sporting Goods, Duffs Ambulance, Columbia Natural Resources, and Balzout) is what really make the annual Run with a Cop a huge success.