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Saturday, June 16, 2001 - Sunday, June 17, 2001 -- Hopedale, OH
Mickey's Mountain Bike Challenge #3 (iPO Event Id#: 2757)
Story and photos by Don Parks with Trials pics by Heather Bury

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(Set 1-3 DH; 3-8 DS; 9-11 Beg/Nov XC; 12-16 Exp/Spt XC; 16 Kids; 16-17 Trials)

Pete Weir
Pete Weir reigns over Mickey's Mtn
The "mountain" served up big for the 2001 June edition of Mickey's Mountain Bike Challenge. With rain invading the downhill, it was super slick turns and the usual array of technical difficulties. The sun made it out for the dual slalom and stayed out for the rest of the weekend's events.

Saturday's downhill and dual slalom courses became Pete Weir's personal playground even after a little difficulty on his first downhill run. As a matter of fact, Weir found himself sitting in third place after the first run with Jason Beckley (56.412) and Vince Valdez (56.553) leading him by about 1.5 seconds. The confident Weir didn't sweat it and simply crushed his second run with a 48.454. This easily gave him the Expert win with a combined 106.521. Beckley and Valdez were left to battle for second with Valdez taking second at 109.605 and Beckley third at 110.928.

In the other downhill classes it was Sam Dischner winning the Sport class with a time (109.704) that would have put him on the Expert podium. Randy Dischner took the beginner win at 132.103 and the sole female competitor, Stacey Osburn, took home all the Women's prizes with a time of 143.059.

Race Pic
Comin' right at ya on the DS course
With the sun drying out the dual slalom course, the afternoon was set for some fast head-to-head racing. This time, their was no faltering for Mr. Pete Weir. He simply ran the fastest times in every heat on his way to a 44.840 combined time in the final to take the Expert class win. Taking second was Jered Raflik (45.075) after a blowing his very first run of the day and almost not making it past the first round.

In the Sport class it was all about Myke Bradshaw as he swept through the first two rounds and finished with his best runs in the final. His 49.126 took the win by almost 2 seconds while Henry Prantl (51.040) beat out Randy Dischner (51.414) in a close battle for second.

Again Stacey Osburn found herself racing without any competition as the sole female competitor. A little trouble on her second run left her with a 74.991, but still everything she need to collect more of Mickey's swag. The Beginner class win went to Travis Adams with a time of 54.367.

Race Pic
The girls where out to get dirty, too
Sunday arrived with more sunshine, a nice breeze, and plenty of racers ready to take on the latest 5+ mile loop of Mickey's finest XC single-track. The racing began at 10am with the Beginner (2 laps) and Novice (1 lap) getting their call to the line.

Taking the Beginner Senior win with the fastest overall 2 lap time was Aaron Blower (1:01:00). It took him well over half the race to shake Scott Bednar (1:03:00) who took home second place honors.

Not taking quite as long to sort things out were Craig Trover (1:06:46) in his Beginner Vet win, Nathan Smith (1:08:54) in his Beginner Sport win, and Charles Patterson (1:17:35) in his Beginner Masters win. Among the 2-lap ladies, KC Vann (1:22:16 put up a good fight but Kelly Shaw (1:20:24) came through with the win.

Race Pic
Taking the high road...
In the Novice crowd it was an easy win in both the Men's and Women's fields. Dale Arnold (38:43) won the Men's class by over five minutes while Shelly Stalnaker (49:24) won the Women's class by almost exactly five minutes.

With a quick course rearrangement to add a few more technical sections, at 12:30pm it was time to get the Sport (3 laps) and Experts (4 laps) rolling. It didn't take long for Michael Walewski to start pulling away from the competition as he finished the first lap with a 34 second lead. Walewski never let up as he went on to finish with the overall and Expert Senior win at 1:46:56.

The battle for second was intense as Gary Snodgrass, holding second through the first two laps, was slowed by a flat on lap 3. Taking advantage was Erin Ford and Brad Kriley. In the end it was Kriley (1:50:23) stealing second place honors with a steady race that had him climbing up through the ranks after sitting in fifth position after lap one.

Easily winning the Expert Vet class was David Bredenbeck with a finishing time of 1:56:58. At 2:12:18 the Expert Junior winner, Julian Ripon, found the finish. Ripon, who lives in Ireland, was visiting relatives in the Pittsburgh area and provided some international flavor to Mickey's mountain. Ripon enjoyed the event but was not a big fan of the heat and humidity.

Race Pic
Don't look now, someone's behind you!
In the three-lap Sport races, it was all Eric Kriberney. The Sport Senior rider beat the rest of the field by well over 3 minutes to take the win at 1:26:07. Behind him there was quite a crowd trying to sort out second place in the Senior class and first place in the Sport Vet class.

Senior riders Chris Nelson and Brad Wilhelm, along with Vet riders Clayton Lopez and Eamonn Rooney, where all still just 26 seconds apart after the first two laps. The final lap finally sorted things out as Nelson led the way to the finish to take second place Senior honors at 1:29:24. Winning the Vet class was Lopez with a time of 1:30:24.

In other sport classes, Jason McCoy (1:32:25) took home the gold for the Juniors, Jon Majors (1:33:24) got the Masters win, and John Giese (1:35:10) won the Clydesdale division.

Race Pic
Just a bump in the road for Trials riders
While all this was going on the Trials riders were up to their tricks on all sorts of obstacles. The most successful at keeping their feet off the ground were Mike Houston (Beginner), Brad Bowman (Sport Modified), Kevin Wilson (Sport Stock), Josh Gibson (Expert Modified), and Cory Ross (Expert Stock).

The final event of the day is the short-track Kids Race. Setting their sites on one day racing with the big boys (and girls) were David Lopez and Anthony Miller

With the multitude of prizes distributed, and all the wonderful sponsors thanked (including Sun Ringle,, ZOIC, Wendy's, Marin, Shimano, and Whiteside Auto) it was time to head home and start training for the next adventure at Mickey's. And, that would be on July 21st and 22nd... see you there!