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Friday, June 15, 2001 -- Thurmond - Fayetteville, WV
Captain Thurmond's Challenge (iPO Event Id#: 3005)

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The Lemans Start!
A Triathlon in the heart of West Virginia. This non traditional triathlon features some very hard mount biking featuring a lemans start, extreme Kayaking through the New River's biggest rapids and a run to finish the race. There is over $10,000 in prizes and cash given out to those that conquor the Captains Challenge. Click here for Race Info and Registration
TITLE: Captain Thurmond's Challenge
EVENTS: Mtn Triathlon
WHEN: Fri, 15 Jun
WHERE: Fayetteville (Thurmond), WV
CONTACT: New River CVB (800) 927-0263 E-mail
COMMENTS: Only early registrations are guaranteed a T-shirt