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Monday, July 30, 2001 - Thursday, August 2, 2001 -- Ohiopyle, PA
ACA Whitewater Open Canoe
National Championships
(iPO Event Id#: 3291)
The Mid-Atlantic Paddlers Association (Plainview, VA) and Riversport School of Paddling (Confluence, PA) are hosting the 2001 WWOCD National Championships.

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Event Dates & Times: (Also see Event Schedule near the bottom of the page)
The four days of racing for the 2001 National Championships are Monday through Thursday; July 30 to 2 August. The races will be started in the late afternoon after raft traffic on the river falls off. The Sprints are scheduled for Tuesday and Downriver classes for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The three days preceding the race are for practice. Arrangements have been made for constant releases of 2.5 feet for the seven days of the event.

Where: On the lower section of the Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle, PA

Event History: The WWOCD Nationals have been held on the "Yough" before in 1978, 1983, 1990, and 1995. Since 1995 the National Championships have been held on the Lower Dead River and the Kennebec River in West Forks, ME; the Nantahala River in Wesser NC; the James River in Richmond, VA; and the Arkansas River in Salida, CO. The "Yough" is one of the most challenging whitewater venues for open canoe on the East Coast and provides an ideal course for the ACA WWOCD National Championships.

Registration: Get your printable [Entry Form] from MAPA

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The Course: The course is all contained within Pennsylvania's Ohiopyle State Park, and presents a very favorable relationship between technical difficulty, safety, and fun.

The Sprint Race: This year the sprint races will be held on the famous Loop section of the Yough, which is located in the town of Ohiopyle. Good sprint times will be around 10 minutes for this course at the normal water level of approximately 2.5 feet.

The Downriver Race: Runs from the standard State Park put in at Ohiopyle to the State Park take out at Bruner Run, about 8 miles of class II-IV whitewater. It is estimated, based on past downriver races on the Yough, that it will take a competitor approximately 50 minutes to 70 minutes to complete the downriver course.

River Level: The river level and water temperature are updated daily, and can be obtained by calling (412) 329-8591.

Race Headquarters: Will be located in the Ohiopyle Community Center in Downtown Ohiopyle and boat inspection will be nearby.

Safety Boaters Needed: Anyone interested in helping out with Safety would be most welcome. Contact Ed Sharp, Event Chairman @ (540) 752-5400; or

Event Schedule Friday to Sunday (July 27 to July 29)

    Practice Monday (July 30) Downriver Races Classes:
  • OC-1 (All Female)
  • OC-2 (All Male) & (10-12) & (13-15)

    Tuesday (July 31) Sprint Races Classes

  • All Sprint classes

    Wednesday (August 1) Downriver Races Classes:

  • OC-2 Mixed
  • OC-2 (10-16/25)
  • Decked boats (Non-Championship)

    Thursday (August 2) Downriver Races Classes:

  • OC-2 (All Female)
  • OC-1 (All Male) & (10-12) & (13-15)

More Event Information: Go to the [2001 Nationals Web Page]

For additional information on the event contact
  • Event Chairman: Ed Sharp; 14 Winslow Road; Fredericksburg, VA 22406; (540) 752-5400;
  • ACA WWOC Downriver Chair: Keith Havens; 28510 D Drive North; Albion, MI 49224; (517) 629-4706;
  • Local Host: Riversport School of Paddling; President, Bob Rupple; P.O. Box 95; 355 River Road; Confluence, PA 15424; (814) 395-5744;
  • Safety Chairman: Sean "Crash" O'Neill, 1049 Liberty St Apartment C, Allentown, PA 18104, (610)-351-2524,