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Wednesday, July 4, 2001 -- Philippi, WV
Barbour DeTour (iPO Event Id#: 4104)
Story and photos by Dave McKain

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Greg Cook on the way to a win
Team GoMart was out in force on Independence Day, taking the top two spots in the Mens Cat 1/2/3 while the Mens Cat 4/5 finish came down to a sprint. Threatened bad weather held off until the last rider came in off the course. With the exception of a crash near Belington (looks like one of the bridesmaids will have some stiches) the race went smoothly with almost all of the riders completing the course. We'll have more soon.
Report from East Suburban Sports Medicine's Chris Mayhew
NOTE:Since it's hard to get a handle on what happens in a road race while standing on the sidelines, we appreciate feedback from the racers. While we do some editing before posting, we're can't be sure that the material won't offend someone. The opinions in this section do not reflect those of iPlayOutside or it's employees (nice standard disclaimer eh). Anyway, please enjoy and, if you have something to say, drop us a note.

Yes, Go-Mart was there en masse - making up almost half the 1/2/3 field. After two guys dropped early on, Go-Mart controlled the field and everything that went either had one of their riders attached or blocking. Gunnar (Shogren) and I worked hard the first lap to do what we could do. I was off the front from the get go with the eventual winner and was geting worked like pizza dough. Finally I sat up, as my warm-up was not planned around doing a TTT 5 miles into the race.

Go-Mart controlled the race
Finally a Go-Mart rider went solo and another went with Zaxyby's rider Jacob Fetty. (Note: Zaxby's is a super good team out of the south.) Well, that was that for the first lap. I had to laugh because Go-Mart wanted me to work with them to chase some guys. What about their guys? They were the "whole darn field". I wasn't about to pick my nose without a wheel to draft off.

Next lap Gunnar attacked with a Go-Mart rider and then it was Ryan Mele attacking, Dan Staite and I vs. two Go-Mart riders. I organized the Pittsburgh mafia and we launched stuff till Mele and Staite stuck. I rode with the other two for awhile to make sure the gap got established which turned out to be a big mistake. Neither guy had much gas and I think they would have let me go if I'd attacked.

Anyways, we worked over one of the Go-Mart riders and worked with another (Tim O'Toole) for a while to try and catch Staite. finally we sat up and talked the rest of the way. I didn't seem to have enough of my heart or head in the race and that was what got me in the end. (Note to self: more aggression and pent up rage should be released in next race.)

I was happy to get Gunnar and the rest of the Pittsburgh mafia out there and break the Go-Mart strangle hold to some degree.

Thanks to all of the people who took time out of their holiday to marshall the course. They were out there helping to keep everyone safe and keep the corners free of loose gravel. Kudos to Mike Holt for keeping road racing alive in WV (stay tuned for the upcoming WV Championship at the Mountain Road Classic in September - details soon). And, lets not forget the excellent work of USCF Referee and scorekeeper Gary Bywaters - prompt and accurate with the results as usual.