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Saturday, August 25, 2001 -- Hopedale, OH
Mickey's Mountain Duathlon 3 (iPO Event Id#: 3294)
Story by Calvin Mickey

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July, 2001 Race Photo
Evening racing on Mickey's Mtn
August 25th brought forth a new group of Duathlon participants to Mickey's Mountain with all the enthusiasm of a new course and a great evening for racing. Someone mentioned they had not participated in a evening event. Well Kathy & Calvin may do things a little different at times, however, if you consider the method to Calvin's maddness, he often has a reason.

When asked why Sat. Night events the response came like this. After 34 yrs together Kathy & I do a lot together but we think of a family festive atmosphere and comradery for friends and families alike. Also this seemed like about the only time we could do another event because we both work 6 days so that only leaves the evenings.

For those at the Aug 25 event all you had to do was take a look around and you would see the goal of comradery was abounding. When you looked down on Mickey's Mtn. this beautiful Saturday evening before the event some of the racers came early and played ball in the parking area just to relax and break the tension of the race to come. After the race everyone was gathering in groups with friends eating pizza and sharing stories or spinning tales of the event or events to come! I couldn't help but think Kathy & I had reached our goal. It's all about sharing the good things we've found together with you, our friends.

Now lets get onto the race! At the beginning of the race, from my position at the starting line, I thought about Heather Bury's run from last month, I thought of my own races in my past. You don't always know your competition or how fast they will go out. Last race not everyone at the start knew Heather Bury was a National Champion caliber runner, but at the first mile mark several other runners wondered where we found this rabbit (bunny) named Heather! No one could hang with her.

This race it was Tom Franek that put the runners to the test (19.54), with Craig Troyer (21.39) 2nd and Keith Stoneman (21.55) pulling in 3rd after the run. In the women's group Rosalie Franek also had a great run (23.32) followed by Natalie Freund in 25.15. When the sun had set however Natalie edged Rosalie out after climbing into the saddle of her bike to win the womens class in 1.28:36.

When we get to the mixed teams, the first thing that comes to mind was that althought we only had 3 teams compete, we had about 10-12 couples spending Saturday evening together! When we look at the scores from Couples Teams with Abby Johnson and T.J. Platt you can't help but notice the bike laps ridden by expert T.J. Platt. These were the fastest of the season and captured the 1st place trophy in the couples event. The first place team was followed by Karen & Shawn Metcalf taking second and Linda & Gary Hushka of Tim's Cycle taking 3rd place.

For the Men's teams Rich Dotts & Kevin Owens won overall with a time of 1.16:37 and also competed in all three duathlons for the season. Second was brothers duo Tim & Brian Roach just on their heals with a time of 1.20:32 who also competed in all three duathlons this year. New competitors Ryan Garabrandt and Matt Braucher finishing third with a time of 1.28:00.

For Individual times, Erin Ford did a great job for his first time at the duathlon taking 1st with a run time of 23.11 and improving his bike times doing negative splits each lap 14.39, 14.05 & 14.01 finishing with 1.05.56. Not far behind him was Tom Franek with a faster run time (19.54) but his first bike time (16.28, 15.18 & 14.54, also negative splits) led him to second place at the podium with 1.06:34. Keith Stoneman came in third with a time of 1.13:36 (run time of 21.55 and bike times 17.24, 17.04 & 17.13) and would be the series winner noting that he, too, competed in all three events.

Thanks to all that came to compete and cheer the others on, this has been an enjoyable year for the duathlon's. We hope everyone will return next year for another exciting event. With the Glass awards, lots of door prizes, food and free t-shirts I think everyone enjoyed themselves on Mickeys Mtn. And hopefully, they will tell everyone they meet to plan their weekends for next year's Duathlons. Plan on the 4th Saturday of June, July and August of 2002. We wish to thank Chums, Domino's, Wendy's, Polar, The Runners Connection, Patagonia and Chiba Gloves for sponsoring this years Duathlons.