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Saturday, September 15, 2001 -- Morgantown, WV
September Stride 5K (MAGP #7) (iPO Event Id#: 3178)
Story and photos by Don Parks

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Race Pic
And now for the tricky part...
It was a great morning for racing and the crowds came out to run and walk around Ruby Memorial Hospital and the West Virginia University Stadium area. The event benefits the Richard Rosenbaum Cystic Fibrosis Fund and it all begins in front of the Ronald McDonald House. From there it's a short loop in front of the hospital, and then on to a longer loop that goes around the hospital complex. All-in-all it makes for a "rolling, two-loop course" with the most substantial uphill grade occuring inside the last half-mile of the race.

Whatever the course, it is either fast or attracts fast runners, or maybe both. This year's contingent of runners included previous WVU track team member, Steve Bohan. The 24-year-old Canadian quickly took up the lead position and raced on to a 15:20 win. That's the fastest time since Mark Vilardo ran a 15:15 in 1998, but still 9 seconds off Mike Dudley's 1997 course record run of 15:11.

Race Pic
Steve Bohan leads the way
Behind Bohan, 40-year-old Larry Taylor did his best to keep pace with two more Canadians in 22-year-old Ian Collings and 23-year-old Paul Moore. But at the finish, Taylor's 16:05 was only good enough for fourth as WVU's Collings (15:31) took second and WV Wesleyan's Moore (15:58) third.

On the women's side it was no surprise to see WVU alumnus Heather Bury lead the way to the finish. Her 17:55 was plenty fast enough to secure her a win for the fourth year in a row, even though it was well off her 17:09 course record set in 2000.

Keeping Bury in sight the whole way was another WVU alumnus, Karin Lockhart, and a WV Weslyan alumnus, Sara Walker. It was a close race between the two, but at the finish Lockhart had the advantage and took second at 18:32. Walker finished just seconds back for third at 18:36.

Race Pic
Enjoying the September Stride 5K at a walking pace
Enjoying the 5K at a brisk walking pace, Frank Mulich (31:00) and Natalie Howell (37:51) where awarded first overall male and female awards, respectively.

After finishing, there was plenty of refreshments and a lot of awards to distribute. The kids also got a chance to get in the action with their own sprint race. Thanks to everyone that came out and we'll see you again next September.