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Sunday, September 16, 2001 -- Bridgeport, WV
Sprint Print Run for the Park 5K (iPO Event Id#: 4581)

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A low turn out didn't stop the race from being a very exciting one. Ben Booth saw to that. The crowd cheered as he crossed the finish line to win his first overall race. Not only did he finish first, but he beat his father for the first time. Looks like you'd better get used to it Dad! Joe Leroy ran a close second, but Booth's sprint to the finish was too much for Leroy.

Name Time
1Ben Booth18:42
2Joe Leroy18:51
3David Booth19:17
4D.J. Navarini20:34
5Mark Hamilton21:48
6Jerry Wedemeyer21:50
7Jay Taylor22:07
8Henry Rainbolt22:27
9Debbie Goss23:49
10Pat Joyce24:27
11Tim Eberhardt24:35
12Bill Quinn24:54
13Mike Jarvis26:18
14Nicole Farrell26:25
15Libby Giebel27:45
16Johnny Vallelonga27:49
17Ken Vallelonga Sr27:50
18Garry Tenney28:19
19Alice Tenney28:21
20Megan Fisher38:51
21Zane Wright38:52
22Katie Fisher41:52
23Suzie Fisher41:53
24Morgan Miller44:01
25Twila Miller44:02
26Margaret Wright45:03