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Sunday, September 2, 2001 -- Harrisonburg, VA
Shenandoah Mountain 100 (iPO Event Id#: 4628)
Photos by Dana Harshberger

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Article from Dana Harshberger

Race Pic
Wasn't that fun!?
The weather gods were certainly smiling on the 3rd Annual Shenandoah Mountain 100. No hurricane to postpone the race (1999), and no night before thunderstorm (2000) to make muck and modify the course. This year's weather was pretty much perfect!

At the break of dawn, riders began to gather at the pavilion of the Stokesville Campground for roll call. The field limit of 250 riders had been reached, but only some 235 riders began the rolling downhill start, led by a pace car driven by promoter Chris Scott. The pace was pushed by a few who seemed to like to draft the car. But the guilty shall remain nameless!

Heading onto some gravel, the pack started to spread out and settle into their paces for the day. In the lead pack was a great show of cyclists: Skip Brown, Jacob Loverich, Jeremy Wimpey, Paul Buschi, Chris Eatough, and Jeremiah Bishop. Bishop was trying to alleviate the team tactics from the Trek guys, Chris, Paul and Jeremy, and put the pressure on early to take the lead.

At the first downhill, Eatough experienced some chain trouble, and after stopping to fix it had dropped to around 20th. Bishop saw the problem and made another move that was probably faster than he should've been going in a hundred-mile race. Eatough spent the next couple of miles playing catch up, and around checkpoint #2, had managed to see Bishop, who was still leading.

Trouble hit Eatough again, this time in the form of a flat, near checkpoint #3. A quick fix, and he was back pedaling with Loverich, and the two worked together around the Braley's Pond area, and managed to slowly reel Bishop back in. As the climbing was getting steep towards checkpoint #5, Eatough made a testing move by picking up the pace. Although Bishop tried to hang on, there was pretty much no response from either Loverich or Bishop. Eatough, kept up the pace and was careful on the decents. His chain was also on his mind as he was steady to the finish. At this point Bishop knew he was racing Loverich for 2nd, and decided to go whole hog and risk it for the 2nd place spot on the podium. The group finished in that order, Eatough (7:29:36), Bishop (7:33:47), and Loverich (7:40:00). Rounding out the top five on the podium were Darrel Prillaman (8:04:28) and Jeremy Wimpey (8:09:36).

There were 23 women to finish the race, and Tiffany Mann with Independent Fabrications (9:50:14) took the top spot. Earlier this summer she raced in another of Chris Scott's races, the Wilderness 101, on a single speed. Ms. Mann is probably pretty happy that she chose a bike with multiple gears for this race! She was chased by Megan "Mayhem" Ryan (10:07:54) (be sure to read her amusing account of the race above) and Sue George (10:38:25). Also on the podium were Noreen Smith (10:43:02) and Lee Schwartz (10:57:48).

Again this year the tandem action of Dan Hudson and Scott Segal where out for punishment and had another tandem to contend with.

Also there were those who thought "who needs gears!" Eric Roman from the DC area took first on his one-speeded steed.

An interesting addition this year was the "prestigious, and much coveted" Triple Crown Rock Star award that went to Patrick Riggen. Not only did Mr. Riggen show fine partying form the night before the race, he completed the race with a not so shabby time of 10:15:38 and then capped off the weekend in true rock star fashion, with another great show around the keg. Kudos Patrick! It's one thing to get a good night's sleep and finish a 100 mile mountain bike race, it's another to bookend your race with more than a little bit of drinking!

As always the checkpoints were stocked with ample supplies, and friendly faces. A huge hand should go out to those who graciously agreed to be at the checkpoints for the duration. Thanks also to the Shenandoah Mountain Bike Club for all of the trail work they did before the race, East Coast Bicycle Academy for tech support, and of course we can't forget WV Brewing Company and their fine beer for the post race party! And we can't forget the fine food! There were many hands involved before the race, baking brownies and other goodies, shopping and preparing, and then serving it up at the race. Nothing's better after a race than real food! Thank you. Many thanks also to the supporting sponsors: Trek, HammerGel, IF, Gary Fisher Bicycles, Seven Cycles, Smart Fuel, Dirt Rag, Massanutten Resort, and Shenandoah Bicycle Company.

Be sure to come out again next year, registration for the 2002 event opens March 2002!