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Saturday, October 20, 2001 -- New Kensington, PA
AK Valley Runners Triple Crown #3 NK 10K (iPO Event Id#: 3232)

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Results for the Triple Crown are determined using the total age-adjusted times from each of the three races.

Place Name Adjusted
1Margretta Lutz68.636F
2Larry Ratkus75.613M
3Jim Banks77.878M
4Don Marco79.577M
5Ralph Ross80.294M
6George W. Ketterer III83.271M
7Chuck Burtyk85.406M
8Jack Eaton Jr.89.914M
9Beth Zboran90.157F
10Valerie Sands90.357F
11Michael Zizan90.463M
12Diana Marongiu-Lutz91.825F
13Alice Lucci94.149F
14Tim Cox94.337M
15Linda Angelo95.406F
16Jack Eaton III95.821M
17Rosemarie Gaiser97.393F
18Tracy Eaton99.327F
19Scott Garso100.674M
20Keith Blayden101.744M
21Robert Sands102.040M
22Joe Zboran103.149M
23Lisa Simakas103.701F
24Carroll Mackey103.795F
25Bernard Stoehr108.457M
26Donna Zukas110.843F
27George Mackey111.222M
28Matthew Osheskie114.252M
29Patrick Nee117.857M
30Andy Gero118.955M
31Dennis Brown121.293M
32Daniel Osheskie135.332M