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Saturday, October 6, 2001 -- Cumberland, MD
Great Allegany Run 15/5K (iPO Event Id#: 4348)

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Results courtesy of the Queen City Striders of Cumberland, MD.

Place Name Age Sex Home Town Time Pace
1Michael Lippold39M-21:1610:38
2Suzanne Wilburn36FOakland MD21:3010:45
3Gary Jones55MCumberland MD22:1811:09
4Janet Hardesty56FMt. Lake Park MD22:3411:17
5Hannah Deprey-Sever11FFrostburg MD23:1511:38
6Jim Preston74MMtn. Lake Park MD23:3211:46
7Matthew Staggs17MFrostburg MD23:3711:49
8Danielle Treadnell16F-23:5511:58
9Jennifer Cava16FRidgeley WV23:5611:58
10Aaron Staggs19MFrostburg MD25:4012:50
11Carroll Staggs Jr61MWesternport MD25:4412:52
12Jordan Staggs9MFrostburg MD26:2513:13
13Frederick Squires48MCumberland MD26:3013:15
14Marlene Staggs39FFrostburg MD26:3813:19
15David Staggs41MFrostburg MD27:4913:55
16Christa Dibaldo48FCumberland MD28:2414:12
17Stephen Velovich58MCumberland MD28:4614:23
18Sonya Sell32FLavale MD29:0614:33
19James Williams63MFrostburg MD29:0814:34
20Kim Hughes33FHarrisburg PA29:5314:57
21Roger Staggs58MFrostburg MD32:0816:04
22Debbie Groetzinger45FLavale MD32:4216:21
23Ray Welsh62MCumberland MD32:4416:22
24Shirley Hall66FRidgeley WV34:2917:15
25Jeffrey Viar10MRawlings MD37:1618:38
26Savannah Masoncup7FRawlings MD37:2418:42
27Charolette Masoncup4FRawlings MD37:2918:45
28Andrea Isaih52FLavale MD37:3318:47
29Andrew Matson70MCumberland MD37:3418:47
30Jodi Masonsup30FRawlings MD37:3418:47
31Janey Lawrence47FFrederick MD43:5321:57
32Janey Macfawn79FLavale MD43:5421:57