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Sunday, October 28, 2001 -- Reston, VA
All Hallows 'Cross - VA Cyclo-Cross #1 (iPO Event Id#: 4653)
Story and photos by Dave McKain

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Race Pic
Damn that traffic jam
Cyclocross racers from near and far gathered at Lake Fairfax park in Reston, VA for great racing action at the All Hallows 'Cross race. With the exception of the "C" race, there was excellent competition for wins with leads changing hands and charges to the finish line in every class.

The open "C" / Juniors race kicked off the day of racing with Kevin Crouch (CRC) moving into the lead and never looking back. Within two laps Crouch had built a minute lead on the pack and cruised to a win. Maybe time to move up to the "B" race. Taking the win for the Juniors was Greg Wittwer (CRC) making it a sweep for the team.

Next to take to the course was the senior circuit. Quickly moving to the front and establishing a gap were Blair Saunders (FSVS) and Gunnar Shogren (ACA). The two traded places in the lead throughout the race as equal parts of the spectating crowd shouted encouragement for their favorite. Coming up the last runup to the dam, Shogren shouldered the bike, sprinted to the paved trail, and put a gap on Saunders that he extended to the finish line for the win. Rounding out the top three was Saunders' teammate Rick Mihills (FSVS). For the "B" men, Iggy Baron (Artemis) took the win over Jeff Tanski (Bike Doctor) while Andrew Shah (NCVC) took third place.

Race Pic
Kelly Yoder at the front
For the womens race, it was quite the battle. Kelly Yoder (Talgo America) sent us her post report:

The race started out fairly fast with Thais Silva (Wissahickon) going out hard and establishing the lead. Josie Shew (First State Velo) and Jessice Piel (Snow Valley) chased hard to get her wheel. Behind the early leaders were the rest of the Snow Valley racers, myself and the rest of the field pacing along. I thought that Thais went out a little too hard and the other gals were chasing with a lot of effort. My rationale was correct as I started gaining on Thais over the first few laps. I finally made contact with Jessica and Thais with about 4 laps to go. Seeing that I am not the best barrier queen and that barriers are Thais' forte I figured I had better get a jump on the two before getting into any sets of barriers. I would attack the two on a fast turn after the start/finish line, hoping that they could not hang on at that speed. It worked, and my road and criterium racing paid off with the leg speed in this section. As we went into the barriers I would have the lead but they would catch and pass me eventually as we came out of them. I tried this every lap in the same spot and would regain the lead everytime with a sizable gap. I knew going into the last lap that I had to be in front with a gap in order to hold them off with the barriers coming up!

I held them off until about 1/4 lap to go when Thais put in a monster attack and caught me going into the last set of barriers (With Jessica right behind her). Thais had great form in the barriers and she opened up a 4 bike length gap on me coming out. Great move on her part! I went wide on the last sharp turn and lost positioning into the finish stretch so I was relegated to 3rd! It was a great race with a wonderful venue! Kudos to all the women racers, it was a blast!

Race Pic
The "A" racers battle to the finish
For the "A" race, a group of six racers worked their way to the front and established a 30 second lead on the next in the pack. As the laps rolled by, the group stayed together until, with about 4 laps to go, the group was down to five and then four riders. With cowbells clattering and the crowd roaring the group stayed together going into the last set of barriers as Ryan DeWald (Beans/Reinhardt) made his move, exiting the barriers with a small gap on the rest of the group. DeWald held his lead to the finish while teamate Jason Moore put on a power move coming to the line to snake Sean Groom (TSV) out of third place and almost caught second place finishe Bill Elliston (Jaeger) who appeared to sit up a little too soon.

Whatever their results, there were plenty of smiling faces at the venue. Potomac Velo put on a great event and support from Redline, A1Cycling, Fisher and was greatly appreciated. Race #2 in the VACX series, is November 4th at Panorama Farm in Charlottesville, VA.