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Friday, March 1, 2002 -- Champion, PA
WPSC Mid-Atlantic Super G (iPO Event Id#: 4734)
Story and photos by Don Parks

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[2001 Mid-Atlantic Super G]

Race Pic
Lots of sun on Gunner for the 2002 Super G
Ouch, I knew I should have brought that sunscreen for the 2002 Mid-Atlantic Super G. With everyone blasting down Gunner Slope with a big fat sun at their back, it was just a blistering fun way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Conditions were perfect as the 7 Springs crews had plenty of time all week, and ideal weather, to cover the mountain with plenty of the good stuff. David Monroe didn't miss out on the opportunity, and who did he thank? "It was the wax, my own secret formula, that got me down the mountain so fast. But I owe it all to an understanding boss for the day off work!" Amen, what a great day to escape to the slopes.

Making the most of the magnificent day was Christopher Pittman, a veteran of the Olympic Development Team from 1990 to 1992. He tore through the course on his second run in 47.90 seconds, a full 2.5 seconds faster than anyone else.

Race Pic
David Monroe, waxed for speed
Clearly a level above the rest of the field he simply called it a "fantastic day." With a smile that was close to laughter he said, "I just had so much fun out there." Then he gave the credit to his equipment, "I love my Head/Tyrolia skis, they're fantastic."

Among the mortals, it was Paul Schade's first run of 50.41 that stood as the best time. Matthew Michenzi wasn't far back as he recorded at 50.53 for third overall.

For the snowboarders, it was the brothers Jimmy Railey and Lee Railey, from Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, taking the top spots. Jimmy had the edge after the first run with a 56.76 to his brother's 57.43. Jimmy cut his time down to 56.05 on his second run, but Lee one-upped him with a 55.77 on his second run to take the first prize.

Kudos to the lone female snowboarder, Patty Kegel. It was an easy win for her with a time of 88.11.

Race Pic
Picture perfect racing
Even the telemark crowd got in on the Super G fun. Organized by Paul Cline, who also happened to have the fastest tele time of 68.77, he summed it up as, "A great day, beautiful sky and sunshine, and some great competitors."

The women of telemark also got to share in the good times with Patricia Miller (93.17) getting top honors. All the telemarkers had Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Tua Skis, and Exkursion Outfitters to thank for sponsoring their portion of the events.

Just like Chris Fromme ("I was one of those just happy not to wipe out."), Christine Reible and Todd Blakaitis finished no where near the top of the standings, but that didn't seem to matter. They were "all pumped up from the Olympics" and entered the Super G as their first ever race. As Blakaitis checked to see just how close he was to not finishing last in the snowboard division, he grinned "It was great and I'll do it again!"

Race Pic
See you next year!
Reible shared his excitement even though her best run of 86.46 was no match for Mimi Pottinger's 54.83, by far the best overall women's time. Being her "virgin race", she pledged with a huge smile to race again, "And next time I will kick ass!"

As if the fun on the slopes wasn't enough, they go and throw in free food, discount drinks (hint: it's "Australian for Beer."), and a deluge of awards and prizes. Big thanks to Foster's, PRC Commercial, Pepper's Performance Eyeware, Mountain Sports of Somerset PA, Swany Gloves, and Rossignol for all the support. It was just icing on the cake!