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Saturday, April 6, 2002 -- Winchester, VA
Shenandoah University 5K (iPO Event Id#: 4996)
Story by Neal Riemenschneider with pics contributed by Karsten Brown and Jen Peachey from the SVR.

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Winchester, VA - The calendar said spring. The weatherman said cold and windy. Unfortunately for the 59 finishers at the Shenandoah University 5K held on April 6, 2002, the weatherman was right. It was a cold, raw, windy day and only us chubby guys got a break from the wind as we have so much extra weight that we don't get pushed around. so much.

Local runners Mark Vann (18:06) and Vicky Krossman (22:48) were the overall winners of this third year event that raises money for the school's cross country team (Go SU Hornets!). Members of the team helped out with registration, course control, the finish line and were present to hand out awards at the awards ceremony. Notable SU runner and senior Wendy Legge is also famous for scoring over 1,000 points in her illustrious basketball career at Shenandoah and it was good to see her helping out at an intersection and handing out awards.

Race director Chris Northrup did his usual bang up job. Which means he gets me to mark the course for him (he can never find the timing points), he gets my wife Ruth do be in charge of registration and the tabulation of results, and he gets my 2 girls (one an SU runner) to help out with registration and work the finish line. I am not sure what it is Chris does except beg for help with those sad, puppy dog eyes of his.