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Saturday, June 1, 2002 -- Huttonsville, WV
Bikestock - Road Race and Dirt Short Track (iPO Event Id#: 4789)
Photos by Don Parks

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Race Pic
The first challenge, climbing Cheat Mtn on Rt. 250
Sure, most folks came to Bikestock for the big WVMBA Points Series XC race on Sunday, but if you missed Saturday you missed a lot. And we're not just talking about an epic road race (or ride for some), or a dirt crit at dusk. We're talking about entertainment in just about every shape and size. From mingling with street performers to live music on stage, from pig roasts to bonfires, from flying disc competitions for kids to free rides in a hot air balloon, it is was simply everything advertised and just a little bit more.
BIKE STOCK ROCKS Race Report: Jeremiah Bishop; Trek/VW.

Tygart family campground was the stage for West Virginia's own version of Woodstock on wheels last weekend. When your at a West Virginia Point Series race you never know what to expect and this race was no exception. In addition to having an awesome band line up, the weekends festivities where highlighted by a 70 mile road race with 3 huge climbs totaling to nearly 6,000 ft of climbing, a twilight dirt crit underneath a hot air balloon, free food and water, kids races, sunday's mountianbike race and did I mention the fire breathing clown act?

Cirt pic
Doing battle with Nick Waite in the grass cirt
Regardless of all the fun activities racing was still the key focus for team balance bar-Devo/ WV tourism rider Nick Waite. Half way through the winding forested road course was the col de Snowshoe, the course's decisive climb. Nick felt it was time to put the race on and steadily accelerated sending riders scattering into small groups on the road below.

I worked hard to maintain contact with my one hundred and twenty five pound pace setter. I played the cards in my favor attacking on the winding decent toward the valley preceding the final climb. My tactic took him by surprise giving me the twenty second gap that I held onto (time trial style) to the last big climb. Nick closed in a few seconds but my strategy of maintaining a sustainable effort paid off, I soloed in for the next twelve miles to take the win.

Party pic
Playing with fire at Bikestock
The most exiting point of the weekend had to be the close showdown Nick wait and I had in the 15 minute grass criterium. We both attacked each other mercilessly but nothing would stick. With two laps to go we slowed momentarily to decide who would lead it out. On the bell lap Nick exploded with a furious effort, I suffered to get on terms with him but managed to block pass him into the last turn. The final 100 ft was a drag race of a sprint. Nick had more momentum but we slammed into each other and threw my front wheel over the line first.

The rains came overnight further wetting the saturated 6 mile steep course that was Sunday's cross country. I took an early lead on the first climb in hopes of gaining a clear run of the course's treacherous water bar filled first decent. Once again the six packs paid off. No not beer, the downhill series that is a fall tradition in Harrisonburg. Anyway I took advantage of my small gap and ran with it. Nick succumbed to misfortune on the last lap in the form of a broken seat post. He still maintained a 12 minute lead on the third place rider and only two minutes behind me.

With the racing over I enjoyed some food and music and soaked in the laid back atmosphere racing in West Virginia is well known for.