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Sunday, October 13, 2002 -- Parkersburg, WV
RCR Series 16- Tony D. Cottrell Memorial Race (iPO Event Id#: 4898)

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Name HomeTown Class
Class Age Time
1Dave FerrellParkersburg WV***M 01-191816:29.0
2Randy GibbsLittle Hocking OH***M 30-393217:05.8
3Mike MasseyParkersburg WV***M 01-191917:12.5
4Forrest BoggessParkersburg WV1M 01-191817:37.9
5Robert BostonMarietta OH1M 30-393617:46.6
6Darren BartonParkersburg WV+++M 40-444217:47.5
7Matthew LillyBelpre OH2M 01-191517:58.8
8Larry CassadyMarietta OH1M 40-444418:25.6
9Jim RubleParkersburg WV2M 40-444018:42.6
10Joe WiltseyParkersburg WV2M 30-393319:04.9
11Luke HudkinsParkersburg WV3M 01-191619:15.4
12Richard WittbergMarietta OH1M 45-494519:24.8
13Chip AllmanParkersburg WV2M 45-494719:46.1
14Jack LaneMarietta OH1M 50-545020:40.5
15Jim BaileyCedarville WV1M 60-696121:00.6
16Justin MarlowLittle Hocking OH4M 01-191621:21.6
17Donald LaneMarietta OH3M 45-494821:30.2
18Dwight DavisParkersburg WV3M 30-393921:37.6
19Robert FryWashington WV3M 40-444322:12.1
20Leslie Thomas-***F 40-444422:21.5
21Rick EpperlyBelpre OH4M 40-444022:41.9
22Warren CarterParkersburg WV2M 60-696122:52.0
23Beth ThorpPhoenix AZ***F 40-444223:11.7
24Curt CainBlacklick OH2M 50-545023:12.3
25Doug CookMineral Wells WV4M 30-393623:39.6
26Sally MaddoxMarietta OH***F 30-393823:43.8
27Diana HudkinsParkersburg WV1F 20-292823:48.4
28Scott KramerParkersburg WV5M 30-393523:52.8
29Leslie Molinaro CravenVienna WV2F 20-292424:03.1
30Richard DeQuasieWashington WV3M 50-545224:15.2
31Christian HawkinsVienna WV6M 30-393125:35.2
32Tom MulcayParkersburg WV3M 60-696625:39.1
33Joan GatesWashington WV1F 30-393925:51.8
34Merrill CarnesParkersburg WV4M 60-696925:54.3
35Holly RooperScott Depot WV1F 01-191225:55.7
36Derek MarksParkersburg WV4M 45-494525:58.5
37Sharon MarksParkersburg WV+++F 40-444425:59.0
38Rocky WisemanParkersburg WV1M 55-595626:03.7
39Dean BanzigerLittle Hocking OH7M 30-393026:20.7
40Sara SeebaughParkersburg WV2F 01-191026:27.2
41Catherine BarlowBelpre OH1F 40-444126:32.6
42Rick BrownMarietta OH2M 55-595826:33.1
43Joe StephensParkersburg WV8M 30-393927:49.0
44Louanna HuwigMassillon OH2F 40-444028:08.8
45Barbara VarnerMineral Wells WV1F 45-494628:18.1
46Stephen VarnerMineral Wells WV5M 45-494728:18.8
47Mona MooreWilliamstown WV2F 45-494628:45.0
48Harold EdgarWashington WV3M 55-595928:53.9
49Stephen Varner JrMineral Wells WV1M 20-292629:04.8
50Carla AdamsLittle Hocking OH2F 30-393629:58.2
51Tom KramerParkersburg WV5M 60-696430:02.9
52Mindy CooperParkersburg WV3F 45-494730:17.2
53Jane WestfallMassillon OH1F 50-996133:56.1
54Belinda KramerParkersburg WV3F 30-393134:41.5
55Joe RossParkersburg WV1M 70-997040:48.4
1Dave HoskinsWheeling WV***M/F 35-4942M30:29.6
2Terry WhitecottonWheeling WV***M/F 35-4948M31:22.9
3Mark RooperScott Depot WV***M/F 35-4939M31:31.4
4Roberta SnoufferBridgeport OH***M/F 50-9951F31:56.9
5Roger QuimbyBeverly OH1M/F 50-9950M32:02.7
6Kenny LewisWheeling WV1M/F 35-4943M32:38.6
7Brenda PomrenkeWilliamstown WV***M/F 35-4935F32:56.6
8Martha MarksLittle Hocking OH***M/F 50-9952F33:40.9
9Sheila BartlettBelpre OH2M/F 35-4944F35:03.4
10Mary Anne BushMarietta OH2M/F 50-9958F35:11.1
11Darlene BurkeMarietta OH3M/F 35-4944F35:52.3
12Danica LevesqueVienna WV4M/F 35-4941F36:03.1
13Marty OwingsPennsboro WV3M/F 50-9964F36:17.4
14Joyce ParsonsParkersburg WV5M/F 35-4945F40:13.9
15Lisa CoplinParkersburg WV6M/F 35-4935F40:17.9
16Donna GaultParkersburg WV4M/F 50-9954F41:34.1
17Glenn MemelWashington WV5M/F 50-9971M41:34.6
18Marsha QuimbyBeverly OH6M/F 50-9950F42:12.3
19Sarah WittbergMarietta OH1M/F 01-3414F45:53.3
20Inez ClaridaWilliamstown WV7M/F 50-9960F48:27.5
21Jim Weaver-8M/F 50-9965M48:28.3
*** Top three overall male and female award winners.
+++ First place overall male and female masters award winners.