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Sunday, March 9, 2003 -- McHenry, MD
Ford No Boundaries Snow Series - Big Air Final (iPO Event Id#: 5298)
Story and photos by Don Parks

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Skier X
Launching onto Squirrel Cage in Skier X
Saturday was a beautiful day, T-shirts were out as it was spring skiing conditions at their best. Too bad that the Ford No Boundaries series finals in Boarder/Skier X and Big Air weren't until Sunday.

Overnight the rains came and the temperatures began to drop. By Sunday morning the slopes were hard-packed and icy, and the air was filled with a thick fog. While the fog cleared in plenty of time for the start of the boarder and skier X competitions, the slopes were still very hard... and very fast.

The start took you quickly into the woods on Deer Run trail. And that meant a quick series of four bumps, almost like a huge washboard. While they weren't menacing in size, it was almost impossible to find a smooth line through. This little series of whoop-de-doos took its toll sending several riders onto their backsides.

If you survived this section it was on to catch more speed before you hit the lip at the end of Deer Run. This sent you airborne into a hard left turn for the trip down Squirrel cage. As always, it was first to the bottom for the win.

Big Air Pic
Saving the best for last
Later in the afternoon it was time for the Big Air finals. It was nice to see the crews out at work grooming the terrain park just before the start. The result was one of the season's best conditions for going huge.

The approach to the big hit was fast, the transition was smooth, and the landing area was wide and forgiving. Everyone seemed to be taking full advantage. It was just bam, bam, bam! They came one after another... twisting, spinning, grabbing, flipping. While many in the crowd will never attempt any thing close, it is never boring to watch.

And if you stuck around just a little while after the official competition was over, you got a little something extra. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along came the "Lawn Chair Air"!