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Saturday, March 8, 2003 -- McHenry, MD
Red Bull No X Cuse Pipe Contest (iPO Event Id#: 5519)
Photos by Don Parks

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Gettin' crazy under the lights
You know when Red Bull comes to town, it is going to be a party. This occasion happened to be Wisp's No X Cuse Pipe Contest, an invitational pipe jam highlighting some of the area's best freestyle skiers and snowboarders.

The crews worked hard all day to groom Wisp's Super Pipe, but the warm weather didn't really help. None-the-less, sometime after 7pm, with a huge crowd growing impatient, it was show time! The music was cranked up and the snow began to fly.

Red Bull helps put on the show
One at a time the skiers and boarders were called out to drop in the Super Pipe and show their mad skills. They were going big, grabbing edges, and throwing in the occasional crowd pleasing invert. Amped up at the prospect of winning some big cash prizes, everyone was looking to show off their best.

Eventually it had to come to an end, but that didn't mean the party was over. It was time to head in out of the night and into the lodge for a sweet after-party. Complete with food and drinks, and the Red Bull podium for the night's top performers, it was a win for everyone. Oh, and we did mention those nice big cash prizes, didn't we?