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Sunday, April 27, 2003 -- Oak Hill, WV
New River Vista XC Circuit Race-WVMBA Pts. #4 (iPO Event Id#: 5273)
Story and photos by George Gannon

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Race Pic
Putting a little trail in your face at ACE
The rain from Saturday came to an end yielding to a beautiful and sunny day at ACE Adventure Center for the fourth stop on the 2003 WVMBA Series tour. However, what remained was plenty of mud that usually found a way onto the faces of the determined racers. There is a reason that they use to call this race the Minden Mud Fest.

The mud was there, as it often is, but the weather more than made up for mire. Riders were treated to a beautiful spring day with perfect race-day conditions. And they would need all the help they could get. When part of the course is called Rigor Mortis, you better hope Mother Nature is willing to, at lease, give you sunny skies and no rain.

4th? Maybe next time
Dave Flemming takes on Rigor Mortis
One of the more vicious downhills in the state was no problem for eventual winner Daniel Evans. Evans, who completed the first lap in 59 minutes, broke bad on the downhill, seemingly unfazed by the rocky slope that forced countless other riders off their bikes. He was followed closely by a fellow Charleston resident Bryan Fawley.

The duo were in the lead for much of the race and Fawley (2:56:32), racing in the Men's Junior Expert, finished second overall and just two minutes behind Evans (2:54:33).

Evans, whose had a solid WVMBA season, said he was pretty happy with the course and his time. "It was a fun race," he said.

Race Pic
Leaving the Gorge behind
To finish with times like that, Evans and Fawley were forced to battle an uphill that would wear a horse out. However, with downhills that one racer described as "pure insanity," the uphills were a small, but brutal, price to pay. Plus, if the steep trails don't take your breathe away, the view of the New River Gorge will.

Finishing third overall, and second in the men's pro class, was Jason Laxton (2:59:24).

For the women, Cassie Smith (3:53:12) took top honors, but Mandi Riddle (3:53:52) was just a matter of seconds off the pace. Rounding out the top three was Abby Johnson(4:54:36).

Race Pic
And the fans approve
Other winners included: Men's Vet Expert Scott Root (3:09:58), Women's Master Linda Brison (2:06:03), Men's Master Jon Phillips (2:26:02), Men's Clydesdale Brian Schmidt (2:43:53), Women's Sport Lindsey Keller (2:45:20), Men's Sport 19-25 Scott Burgy (2:13:13), Men's Sport 26-35 Michael Haid (2:29:30), Men's Junior Sport Bret Fischetti (2:25:12), Women's Vet Sport Karen Phegley (3:23:12), Men Vet Sport Doug Wayne (2:40:03), Men's Beginner Frederick Carter (1:11:56) and Men's Junior J.J. Ford (56:20).

In addition to the event staff, an iPlayOutside shout-out has to go to ACE videographer Kevin Hume, who was kind enough to cart this reporter around.