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Sunday, April 13, 2003 -- Morgantown, WV
WVU College of Law Ambulance Chase 5K
(MAGP #2)
(iPO Event Id#: 5478)
Story and photos by Erin O'Reilly

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Muscling through the Ambulance Chase 5K
The Ambulance Chase had runners and law students hitting the streets early Sunday morning. It may have been a little warm for a suit and tie, but that didn't stop some of the WVU Law Students. Most other people dressed for warm weather and hot times on the roads.

At 2pm the 3rd annual 5K took got underway through the Suncrest neighborhood. A great turnout of 157 runners and 27 walkers all came together. One couldn't pick a better day to chase an ambulance with plenty of sunshine, 60 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky.

Leading the ambulance chase in first place overall was Ed Frohnapfel out of Morgantown, WV. Ed redeemed his past title in a time of 16:58. Keep showing them who's boss Ed!

Race Pic
Running attire for lawyers?
Next in came EJ Linger. EJ is also from Morgantown and was only six seconds back from Ed with a time of 17:04. EJ is known in town for being the workout utility man. Maybe if he didn't do a workout everyday his legs could have gotten him closer to Ed.

Look who's chasing the ambulance now! Third place overall was Aaron Miller from Tunnel, WV. Aaron closed only 5 seconds behind EJ with a great time of 17:09.

On the women's side was the soon to be pediatrician Sara Walker from Morgantown. The 27 yr-old ran a very respectable 19:05 only having boys to push her through. The public would like to know when in the world does one find time to train when becoming a doctor? Sara was also 14th place overall.

Race Pic
Sara Walker takes home a win
Second woman in and 34th overall was 27 yr-old Sallie Johnson out of Morgantown. Sallie ran a very tough race in a time of 20:26. Way to run Sallie! The third overall woman was 43 yr-old Becky Conner. Becky made a trip in all the way from Oakland, MD, and ran a time of 22:25. Congratulations Becky on your 3rd place finish.

The Ambulance Chase took witness to some very young talent on Sunday afternoon. How about 8 yr-old Ciara Romine out of Morgantown, WV. Ciara ran just over an 8 min-mile pace for 3.1 miles without stopping! Her time was 25:41, and I hope her mom and dad know that colleges are already after her to run for their school. The phone's gonna be off the hook!

For the 5k race walkers, first place overall was John Keller from Elkins, WV. John came racing in heel to toe in a time of 38:15. Good job John!

Race Pic
Post-race party time!
Next overall walker in second place was 68 yr-old Janet Hayden. Janet came in at a time of 39:40. Keep on movin' Janet! Third place was Sara Smith of Morgantown. Sara race walked a time of 43:30.

Next, in 4th, was Holly Turkett of Morgantown. Holly turned out a time of 43:31. Good job ladies, looks like you took the next 4 places.

In 8th place overall as well as taking the 2nd male spot was Matt Freeman from Morgantown. Matt was through the tape in a time of 44:34. Third for the men and 9th overall was the 67 yr-old Tom Cady. Tom finished in 44:35.

That wraps up the coverage for the third annual Ambulance Chase 5K. Thank you to the WVU School of Law for putting on a great race with great post race food! But I'm glad to say we didn't have to use that ambulance...